QAnon Followers Turn on Kyle Rittenhouse After He Calls Lin Wood 'Insane'

QAnon followers have turned on Kyle Rittenhouse after the teenager described his former attorney Lin Wood as "insane."

Rittenhouse, 18, hit out at Wood and said the attorney was fired last year over his statements about QAnon and election fraud, during an interview with NewsNation's Ashleigh Banfield on Tuesday.

The teenager, who was acquitted of all charges after fatally shooting two people and injuring a third in Kenosha, Wisconsin, last year, also called QAnon-supporting Wood "insane."

When pressed on what he meant, Rittenhouse added: "How he thinks he's God and he just says all these weird things. Like, 'We're going to keep that boy in jail because there's not gonna be any civil or criminal cases in the election,' which is just complete insanity."

Wood, who also denies holding on to bail money intended for Rittenhouse, posted on Telegram after the interview, telling his 767,000 subscribers that he had learned about the claims about his mental state.

Wood's post read: "I am sane and I am not God. I am reminded though that the same accusations were made over 2,000 years ago against Jesus Christ our Lord and savior as grounds for crucifying him when he died for our sins. His sacrifice was great, mine is small.

"I wonder what my almost 3-year-old grandson will think about our humanity when he reads one day years from now about the things that were said about his grandfather because his grandfather fought for freedom, tried to help others and followed Jesus Christ?

"I guess it depends on who writes history. What matters most to me is what my Lord and savior thinks about me. In fact, that is all that matters to me."

He also strongly denied wanting to keep Rittenhouse behind bars following his arrest and claimed to have signed a "personal guaranty on a $150,000 promissory note" to get him "out of jail as soon as possible."

In a statement sent to Newsweek, Wood said: "Kyle's allegations are false. There is not one fact to support them."

QAnon influencers rallied behind Wood, a prominent figure in the conspiracy movement, after Rittenhouse's comments—with some claiming the teenager was being manipulated by someone behind the camera during his interviews with Fox News and NewsNation.

John Sabal, known as QAnon John to his 71,000 Telegram followers, shared a clip of the interview in which the teen mentioned Wood's QAnon comments, adding the comment: "Not too smart to s*** where you sleep Kyle."

In a November 22 Telegram post, Sabal said he believed Rittenhouse was "a hero," but was being manipulated.

He said: "Just to be abundantly clear, just because I stand with Lin Wood, doesn't mean I don't also believe what happened to Kyle was legitimate, and that I don't support him."

Ron Watkins, who has been accused of having once had control of the 'Q' account that sparked the conspiracy theory movement, also shared his support for Wood.

In a November 22 post shared with his 427,000 Telegram followers, Watkins said: "Lin Wood is a God-fearing Christian and has always been sincere and helpful in all my interactions with him.

"I don't understand why he is being attacked, but the allegations certainly seem out of character and do not reflect the Lin Wood that I know."

Following a search of numerous QAnon-related Telegram channels, Newsweek found comments from followers who said they believed Rittenhouse was "a crisis actor" or a DS [Deep State] puppet."

Update 11/24/21, 9:45 a.m. ET: This article was updated to add a comment to Newsweek from Lin Wood. A new image was also added.

Lin Wood Denies the claims
Kyle Rittenhouse (left) called his former attorney Lin Wood (right) "insane," a characterization the lawyer denies. Getty/ AP/Pool/ Ben Margot