QAnon Supporters Think Trump Aide's GETTR App Is Code for Getting Hillary Clinton

The beta version of a social media platform that claims to enable unfiltered free speech has sparked an unenthusiastic reaction—and some confusion—from QAnon supporters who might have been expected to embrace it.

Since Thursday, GETTR has been available on Apple's App Store, where its description reads as a call to arms for those who believe the tech giants are curtailing freedom of speech.

Politico has reported that the project is led by Jason Miller, ex-spokesman of former President Donald Trump. The app describes itself as a "non-bias social network" that aims to "allow anyone to express their opinion freely."

Its name is said to be an abbreviation of the phrase "getting together."

Marc-André Argentino, research fellow at the International Centre for the Study of Radicalisation at King's College London, tweeted that some in QAnon circles are not convinced by this explanation, however.

Some believe the name is in fact "code for GET HR (get her/get Hillary) while others think it's a code and a trap to get Trump and patriots GET TR," Argentino said.

Miller has told Newsmax that if Trump decided to join the platform "then we'd love to have him," but many commenters have expressed doubts that the former president would do so. Trump has been kicked off Twitter and Facebook, and has previously hinted that he might set up his own social media platform.

One QAnon advocate, Praying Medic, whose real name is Dave Hayes, wrote on Telegram: "I have no plans to join GETTR until and unless President Trump sets up a verified account there."

GhostEzra, another popular QAnon amplifier who posts on encrypted app Telegram, told his 339,00 subscribers there: "Not on Gettr, if that changes I'll let you know. I'm sticking with Telegram."

1/ How is QAnon reacting to the launch of GETTR? Well it's a mixed bag for the conspiracy theorists. Some believe that it's code for GET HR (get her/get Hillary) while others thinks it's a code and a trap to get Trump and patriots GET TR

— Marc-André Argentino (@_MAArgentino) July 1, 2021

Other conspiracy theorists have questioned the motives of the platform's creators.

Far-right conspiracy theorist and internet troll Jacob Wohl wrote on his Telegram channel: "Gettr (should be called Gutter): Just a half assed piece of sh*t scam to build a email list to sell."

Jordan Sather wrote on Gab on Thursday that he thought the platform had "big potential" but posted on Telegram: "I hope GETTR doesn't go down the SH*TTR with Telegram-esque fake accounts and shills. To be expected though with any political platform launch in this day and age."

Attorney Lin Wood, an influential figure in the QAnon movement, wrote on Telegram: "I am NOT posting on GETTR."

He said he had reserved the username LLWSpeaksTruth "but have no plans to post there at this time. Will keep you informed if that changes."

Former national security adviser Michael Flynn wrote: "I am not/not on GETTR."

Mike Rothschild, who has written a book about QAnon, reposted some of these comments, adding: "Big names in the QAnon promoter community are not impressed with Jason Miller's upstart social platform GETTR and have no plans to join it."

GETTR's user interface is similar to Twitter's and it claims to allow users to import content between the platforms. The platform will offer posts of 777 characters and videos up to three minutes long, as well as live-streams.

Former Trump campaign spokesperson Tim Murtaugh is also involved as a consultant for the app, which will officially launch on July 4.

Newsweek has contacted Jason Miller for comment.

Ex-Trump spokesman Jason Miller
Jason Miller, a former spokesman for Donald Trump, in Washington, D.C. in June 2017. His social media platform will launch on July 4. MANDEL NGAN/Getty

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