QAnon Claims Stuck Suez Canal Ship Used by Hillary Clinton to Traffic Children

Followers of the QAnon conspiracy theory trying to find meaning behind the blocking of the Suez Canal by a cargo ship claim that the vessel is being used by Hillary Clinton for child sex trafficking.

Some supporters of the radical movement are suggesting the 400-meter-long Ever Given currently stuck in Egypt is being used to abuse children on behalf of the cabal of pedophiles that they believe runs the U.S.

Others claim the children held captive on the ship will be revealed to the world live on camera, justifying their beliefs.

In order to jump to this wild conclusion, QAnon supporters point to the vessel's operator, a Taiwan-based shipping company called Evergreen Marine Corporation. Clinton was given the Secret Service codename "Evergreen" when her husband Bill Clinton was president.

The ship's call sign is H3RC—the same three letters as the initials of the 2016 presidential candidate.

On the Telegram encrypted messaging app, a QAnon account with more than 106,000 subscribers wrote: "Suez Canal blocked by huge container ship named Evergreen. Evergreen shipping is most likely a cover for human and sex trafficking.

"HRC = Hillary Rodham Clinton. Evergreen = Hillary's Secret Service name. Evergreen Call Sign: H3RC."

Another influential QAnon advocate with more than 53,000 subscribers on the "free speech" social network Gab wrote: "Evergreen is HRC's Secret Service name. It has also been speculated that Evergreen shipping is a front for human trafficking.

"Theory: ship gets stuck, International aid offered, containers opened on live TV."

The leading theory seems to be that Hillary Clinton is using it to traffic children, and that the accident is a military rescue operation.

— allie mezei (@pinealdecalcify) March 24, 2021

QAnon supporters often twist world events to suit their theories or claim they have been predicted by the mysterious figure known as "Q."

For years, "Q" would leave cryptic messages on messageboard sites, which were deciphered to form the basis of the conspiracy theorists' beliefs. These include the notion that leading Democrats and members of the Hollywood elite are child-eating pedophiles.

The first of these so-called "Qdrops" appeared on 4chan in October 2017, claiming that Clinton would soon be arrested.

For the next few years, thousands of the posts appeared online, often using phrases that became QAnon slogans.

No new messages have been posted for months, however, with their frequency slowing down considerably since former President Donald Trump, a savior-like figure for QAnon, lost the election in November.

The conspiracy theorists do not necessarily need new posts to guide the movement, however. They simply reinterpret the existing catalog of messages to suit their purpose.

In this case, the attempt to move the ship from the Suez Canal was predicted because "Q" had previously mentioned Evergreen and the words "when do you need a plumber?" in an April 2018 post.

"When do you call a plumber? When something's maybe 'blocked'?" one widely shared Telegram by some of the biggest QAnon channels read. "WE HAVE IT ALL."

This is not the first time an Evergreen vessel has been roped into a QAnon child trafficking conspiracy.

In August 2020, a similar rumor was spread after the explosion at the port of Beirut, which killed more than 200 people.

One widely shared Facebook image from the scene contained the caption: "Evergreen Shipping Container. Human Trafficking by HRC."

Fact-checking website Politifact labeled the claim "false."

File photo of a ship sailing through the Suez Canal in Egypt on November 17, 2019. QAnon supporters claim the large cargo ship currently stuck in the canal is trafficking children. KHALED DESOUKI/AFP/Getty Images

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