QAnon Supporters Say Cicada Landing on Biden's Neck Is Proof Plan Is Working

In a way only they can, supporters of the QAnon conspiracy theory are bizarrely suggesting there was huge significance in the moment a cicada flew around the neck of President Joe Biden before he boarded Air Force One.

A clip of Biden swatting away an insect while he was on the tarmac of Joint Base Andrews ahead of his visit to Cornwall, England, for the G7 summit was widely shared on social media on Wednesday.

"Watch out for the cicadas," Biden told reporters shortly afterwards. "I just got one. It got me."

The swarm of insects had already caused issues after filling up the plane's engines, causing it to be grounded on Tuesday and delaying the president's first overseas trip by several hours.

Rather than just seeing it as an example of the issues caused by the return of the large, loud insects after living underground for the past 17 years, some QAnon supporters claimed the reappearance of the Brood X cicadas is somehow a secret nod that justifies their radical movement.

We The Media, a collection of QAnon advocates with more than 225,000 subscribers on its Telegram account, believes Biden swatting at the cicadas is actually "comms," a secret message that can be decoded by QAnon supporters.

"JOE BIDEN BITTEN BY A CICADA - COMMS? Just so happens that Cicada nymphs emerge after a 17-year childhood underground!!!" We The Media wrote.

For QAnon supporters, anything that can be linked to the number 17, no matter how tenuous, can be interpreted as "comms" for them as Q is the 17th letter of the alphabet.

"What? CHILD? UNDERGROUND? 17? Yes. Then after a short period above ground they molt, mate, lay eggs and die," We The Media's post added.

The "underground" comment is a reference to a long held belief from QAnon that there exists a network of secret underground tunnels where children are being trafficked and abused by the satanic pedophiles they claim they will one day expose.

The post also referred to another common belief from the conspiracy theorists that Biden has been replaced with a clone or a body double wearing a mask.

"So, is Fake Joe Biden saying 'he' was compromised by the Q Team for crimes against children and now after this short period 'in the limelight,' having served his purpose, is soon destined to 'die?'" the post read.

The wild claim was shared by QAnon John to his 28,000 Telegram followers.

QAnon John, real name John Sabal, recently organized the major QAnon conference in Dallas, Texas, at which "Kraken" lawsuit attorney Sidney Powell falsely claimed Donald Trump could "simply be reinstated" at the White House and National Security Adviser Michael Flynn on Sunday night said that a Myanmar-like military coup "should happen" in the U.S.

Elsewhere, another Telegram account with more than 79,000 followers noted that cicadas returned after 17 years while suggesting the large swarms causing havoc right now are "Biblical"—an apparent reference to the plague of locusts as told in the story of Moses.

QAnon followers frequently make reference to events that are "going to be Biblical" because of a post from the de facto leader known as "Q," a shadowy figure who has claimed to be a high ranking government official.

Q's cryptic posts on online message board site 4chan in late 2017, before appearing on 8chan and 8kun, were interpreted by QAnon followers to form the basis of a majority of the movement's beliefs.

The term "it's going to be Biblical" first appeared in the so-called "drops" in 2019, with Q making reference to things being "Biblical" or "living in Biblical times" several times afterwards.

Despite Q—widely suspected to have at least at some point been 8kun administrator Ron Watkins—not having posted a new message for six months, QAnon supporters merely decipher the catalog of thousands of posts that already exist to make sense of the world and claim that their ever changing "plan" is still going ahead as promised.

"The Swarm Is Upon Him! Biblical!," wrote popular Telegram account MelQ while sharing a clip of Biden swatting away the cicada to her 135,000 followers.

For QAnon influencers, it's getting increasingly difficult to convince their followers that their prophecy known as "the storm" —which for years was meant to be Donald Trump arresting and executing devil-worshiping child abusers while in office, is still going to take place even though Trump is no longer president.

The movement has also suffered a number of high-profile embarrassments after a number of their predictions failed to come true, with many still desperately hoping Trump will somehow be reinstated as president based on election results from seven months ago.

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President Joe Biden wipes his neck after a cicada landed on him while boarding Air Force One at Andrews Air Force Base, before departing for the U.K. and Europe to attend a series of summits. The photo was taken on June 9, 2021, in Maryland. BRENDAN SMIALOWSKI/AFP/Getty Images