QAnon Trolls Sent Death Threats to State Senator Over Sex Offender Bill

Followers of the pedophile-obsessed QAnon conspiracy theory sent death threats to Democratic California State Senator Scott Wiener after Weiner introduced legislation to reform the state's sex offender registry.

California law allows judges to exclude certain offenders from having their names listed on the registry if they find a valid reason to do so for offenders who have sex with minor ages 15 to 17, according to Mother Jones. The decision to exclude such offenders isn't automatic, it's entirely up to the judge.

But judges only have this discretion if the case involves vaginal intercourse. If the case involves digital penetration, anal or oral sex—sexual methods often practiced by LGBTQ people—the judge must list the offender's full name without exception.

As such, Wiener sought to change the law to give judges similar discretion in cases of non-vaginal sex, treating all sexual acts equally. Some right-wing websites mischaracterized Wiener's legislation, claiming it sought to protect pedophiles by giving offenders complete anonymity.

"You're dead. Dead. Dead. Dead. I'll publicly execute you. I'm gonna embarrass you. Pedophile," one Instagram user wrote.

Another wrote, "I'll come cut your head off and deliver it to your mom if you even considering introducing your 'bill.' Got it?"

Others messages were anti-Semitic or accused Weiner of being a child rapist. Recent legal rulings upholding First Amendment protections for free speech dictate that politicians cannot block users on their social media accounts, leaving Weiner open to an ongoing torrent of hate speech and threats.

QAnon Scott Weiner sex offender registry California
Members of QAnon await the arrival of US President Donald Trump for a political rally at Mohegan Sun Arena in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania on August 2, 2018. Mandel Ngan/AFP/Getty

QAnon conspiracy theorists believe, among many things, that the administration of President Donald Trump will reveal the existence of a top-secret child sex trafficking network run by "deep state" senior Democrats.

QAnon believers have accused Oprah Winfrey, Chrissy Teigen, Hillary Clinton and even the online furniture retailer Wayfair of being part of a shadowy international pedophile ring.

Its believers have a long history of mobilizing against public targets by spreading conspiracies on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, YouTube and other platforms. The group's online activities have also increased since the start of the COVID-19 epidemic, a possible consequence of the upcoming presidential elections and additional time spent at-home as many schools and businesses remain closed.

"Whether its QAnon or Russian troll farms, these are factories of false info designed to undermine democracy and public discourse, and also to send a message to elected officials that if you pursue unpopular progressive change to help marginalized groups like queer kids, 'We're going to target you,'" Weiner told Mother Jones.