QAnon Followers Gleefully Back Vladimir Putin's Invasion of Ukraine

QAnon followers have gleefully thrown their support behind Vladimir Putin after the Russian president ordered troops into separatist areas of Ukraine.

Putin's decision to recognize the rebel regions of Donetsk and Luhansk as independent of Ukraine and to move Russian troops across its border was applauded by influencers within the online conspiracy movement.

While Putin's actions have been condemned by Washington D.C. and its allies, QAnon adherents have spun the breach of Ukraine's borders as a positive event, according to their world view.

For QAnon followers, Putin's move dealt a devastating blow to global elites, who they falsely believe are members of an ill-defined international cabal that facilitates a satanic pedophile network.

John Sabal, who previously went by the moniker QAnon John on Telegram, praised Putin's decision to recognize the rebel regions of Luhansk and Donetsk as independent.

In a series of February 21 posts, Sabal told his 80,430 Telegram followers: "Putin is straight gangsta. MSM (mainstream media) is totally losing their minds right now."

He then added: "So much for 'muh (my) war with Russia narrative. Psst…Deep state. You lose."

Romana Didulo, who bizarrely believes herself to be the Queen of Canada as well as its head of state, issued a fawning video message to Putin the same day, where she ordered NATO to withdraw from Ukraine.

In the message shared with her 77,270 Telegram followers, Didulo added: "Russia is not our enemy, but a friend. Ukraine is not a member of NATO and NATO forces should not be anywhere near Ukraine. And the Kingdom of Canada recognizes the three eastern Ukraine provinces who wishes to join Russia based on peace and prosperity (sic)."

NATO has said it has no plans to send combat forces to Ukraine.

Numerous QAnon influencers, with hundreds of thousands of Telegram followers between them, forwarded a post from a smaller conspiracy channel that declared that Monday was a "very bad day for the deep state and the global cabal."

The amplified post read: "Putin got his wins (friendly buffer states, friendly port of Mariupol, permanent realignment of his forces west of Moscow. Biden has taken an embarrassing loss here. He looks weak and incompetent at home and on the world stage (because he is)."

Newsweek also found dozens of QAnon followers shared pro-Putin messages and memes in the comment sections under each of these posts.

Putin has received praise from QAnon followers and conservatives alike as they believe he exposes President Joe Biden as weak when compared to Donald Trump, a key figure in the QAnon mythos.

Many QAnon influencers have also shared posts that promote Putin as a world leader who is battling the deep state.

Sabal declared in a March 18, 2021, Telegram post that he was "convinced that Putin is absolutely a white hat."

QAnon followers have previously shown support for authoritarian regimes, including for the Myanmar military coup last year.

At a QAnon-Trump rally in Ventura, Florida, two women expressed support for a coup in the U.S. to replace Biden with Trump, who they believe had the 2020 presidential election stolen from him.

Speaking to CNN's Donnie O'Sullivan, one of the women said: "This whole thing is Biden, he's like a puppet president. The military is in charge. It's going to be like Myanmar, what's happening in Myanmar. The military is doing their own investigation. At the right time they're going to be restoring the republic with Trump as president."

Many QAnon influencers supported last year's coup in Myanmar following reports that authorities in the country had detained an official from a foundation linked to billionaire George Soros, who is loathed within the conspiracy movement.

QAnon follower and Vladimir Putin
A split image of a QAnon follower and Russian President Vladimir Putin. QAnon followers support Vladimir Putin as they believe he is battling a global cabal of elites. Getty