Rachel Williams Responds to Anna Delvey's "Fiction-Making" Instagram Stories

Ever since the release of Inventing Anna on Netflix, Anna Delvey has been speaking out via social media and press interviews from ICE custody. She has even secured a documentary deal courtesy of Surviving R. Kelly's Bumin/Murray Productions and has become online friends with "it girl" of the moment, Julia Fox.

However, she has also not been quiet about her side of the story, and most recently, she launched a seven-post-long attack via Instagram on her former friend, Rachel DeLoache Williams.

As seen in Inventing Anna, Williams paid $62,000 on her company credit card during a trip she took with Delvey to Marrakech after all of Delvey's cards were declined. Delvey promised to pay Williams back, but she only received $5,000 from Delvey, putting Williams in a dire financial situation.

Taking matters into her own hands, Williams reached out to the police and after weeks of going unheard, she found herself a key player in a sting operation to have Delvey arrested outside a rehab center in Los Angeles and returned to New York, where she would face charges of:

  • Two counts of attempted grand larceny in the first degree
  • Three counts of grand larceny in the second degree
  • One count of grand larceny in the third degree
  • One count of misdemeanor theft of services in relation to fraudulent loan applications made to City National and Fortress, check fraud, the cost of the trip to Morocco and unpaid hotel and restaurant bills.

Williams was also called to testify at Delvey's trial. Ultimately, Delvey was found guilty of multiple counts of attempted grand larceny, larceny in the second degree, and theft of services in 2019 but on the charges relating to Williams (one of larceny in the second degree) alongside one of attempted grand larceny, Delvey was found not guilty.

In her recent Instagram story posts, Delvey said Williams once tried to strike a joint-book deal with her in summer 2018, which Williams denied exclusively to Newsweek.

Delvey also referred to Williams as having "flexible moral standards" and only seeking to financially benefit from her experience with Delvey. She said Williams "clearly struggles to accept the fact that 12 jurors unanimously agreed I was NOT GUILTY of any charges related to her existence."

Now, Williams has given her response to Delvey's outburst, exclusively to Newsweek.

She said: "I have no interest in feuding, but, with regard to Anna's allegations on Instagram, I'll leave the fiction-making to Anna and stick with the facts. Anna has proven herself to be a con artist and pathological liar. I, personally, would never have worked with her on a project of any kind."

Ahead of Delvey's trial, Williams had posted a Vanity Fair article about her trip to Marrakech and her experience with Delvey, for which she was paid $1,200. She published her book, My Friend Anna: The True Story of a Fake Heiress as part of a $300,000 book deal with Simon & Schuster.

Williams also signed a $35,000 deal with HBO to create a project on her story with Lena Dunham. If the project comes to fruition, she could make another $300,000 reports Insider and, as heard in Inventing Anna, American Express also returned the $62,000 charges on her company card.

Like Delvey, ever since the release of Inventing Anna, Williams has given her side of the story and views on the Netflix series via numerous interviews, resharing several via her Instagram page.

rachel deloache williams
Rachel DeLoache Williams and her book, "My Friend Anna: The True Story of Anna Delvey, the fake heiress of New York City." Nick Rogers

Here's a full transcript of what Delvey said about her former friend via Instagram on Monday, February 21.

"I've been silent about this for years. However, over [the] past two weeks watching Rachel stubbornly refuse to move on from her contrived trauma, ever brazen and unchecked, while going on every show that will have her, I thought—now I have to. And if I have to I will."

Delvey continued: "During her numerous public cries for attention claiming I 'ruined' her life, relentless Rachel DeLoache Williams conveniently forgets to mention the curious period of time during summer of '18 when she herself along with her newly acquired literary agent was repeatedly harassing my lawyer Todd (both via email and phone) to get me to agree to write a book TOGETHER with Rachel.

"And the best part is—this time around, I've got all the receipts :)

"'I know—sounds incredible, considering Rachel's recent media crusade during which she accuses everyone who isn't aligned with her vision of self as a wronged martyr starved for justice of 'glorifying crime' and 'giving a platform to a con.'

"Can anyone please enlighten us whether she's done anything at all over the past three years other than talking and writing about me, reading and dissecting my interviews, taking angry notes, looking for things to get outraged about?

"She even quotes posts I've deleted after 15 mins.

"Find yourself someone who's dedicated to you the way Rachel is dedicated to my Twitter."

Delvey continued: "Don't you just love the irony of watching Rachel DeLoache Williams constantly adjust her (very) flexible moral standards depending on the protective amount of $ she stands to profit based on the latest twists in the tale of her 'unfortunate' association with me?"

"BEFORE she epically embarrassed herself during my trial and before Netflix forever celebrated her (very accurate) total Karen image, her moral compass deemed it acceptable to suggest we write a book together. All while still pressing charges against me. She really thought she could have it all, didn't she?

"I guess 'giving me platform' and 'glorifying crime' didn't seem to be such big concerns of Rachel's back then.

"As long as the price is right, she's the one cashing checks and controlling the narrative, high morals can be put aside.

"The audacity of her to still attempt to sell her white woman tears (that no one is buying) while continuing to seamlessly exploit her connection to me and profit off of her 'terrible trauma' is flabbergasting."

did anna delvey get money from netflix
Anna Delvey in court in April 2019. The previous year, Netflix signed their first contract with the fake German heiress. Getty

She continued: "It's not my fault HBO dropped Rachel after deciding she was boring and bland and that her book turned out to be garbage, of so I've heard. On the advice of my counsel, I've only read the last chapter, which was enough to conclude that her publisher should've paid more to the fact-checker and less to Williams.

"They couldn't even get the 'not guilty' count right. And it's publicly available information! Our aspiring novelist doesn't like to burden herself with facts, especially the ones irrelevant to her personal tragic suffering.

"To this day, Rachel DeLoache Williams clearly struggles to accept the fact that 12 jurors unanimously agreed I was NOT GUILTY of any charges related to her existence, and that nobody cares about anything she has to say unless she's talking about me.

"And while I can understand her being upset at the fact that I've already accomplished more from the various jails and prisons than Rachel in her entire sheltered life of privilege, she won't be getting away with this blatant hypocrisy on my watch. Wherever I happen to be at."

In relation to Williams HBO series being dropped, HBO has not confirmed but on her own website FAQ section, Williams has stated "HBO and Lena Dunham did option My Friend Anna; that option has since expired, and the project is not currently in development."

Newsweek has contacted HBO for comment.

Inventing Anna is streaming on Netflix and Williams book, My Friend Anna is available to purchase now.