Rand Paul Sparks Backlash with Vote Count 'Anomaly' Tweet

Rand Paul has been criticized for suggesting that "fraud" may be the reason Donald Trump lost to Joe Biden in key election states because of "data dumps" which occurred during a five-hour period.

The Kentucky Senator tweeted about disputed claims of voter fraud which were made in a lengthy blog post entitled "Anomalies in Vote Counts and Their Effects on Election 2020."

The post questioned why President-elect Biden received "vote spikes" in the states of Michigan, Wisconsin, and Georgia in the early hours of November 4, as well as suggesting "statistically anomalous cases" in other states and questioned other voting results which had "an unusually high Biden-to-Trump ratio."

Biden defeated Trump in several key states, with the counting of mail-in and postal ballots massively favoring the Democratic candidate. Trump has frequently complained that the election was "rigged" as a result of unproven mass voter fraud.

"Interesting...Trump margin of 'defeat' in 4 states occurred in 4 data dumps between 1:34-6:31 AM," Rand tweeted. "Statistical anomaly? Fraud? Look at the evidence and decide for yourself. (That is, if Big Tech allows u to read this.)"

Twitter soon flagged Paul's tweet about election fraud as containing disputed information.

Paul was condemned on social media for sharing the misinformation claiming that there was anything untoward about the counting of votes for Biden—which cut into Trump's early lead in these states—amounting to fraud.

"Is Rand Paul a moron? Look at the evidence and decide for yourself," tweeted The Lincoln Project, a Republican PAC consisting of Trump critics.

"Or... what if all the votes coming in early that morning were mail-in ballots from big, deep-blue cities? Because that's exactly what it was. I was watching CNN. Every time a big dump came in, they announced the numbers and percentages," added news anchor Ed Greenberger. "It's over. He's done."

Writer Jenna Quigley tweeted: "GOP: 'You states can't start counting mail-in/absentee ballots until the polls close, even though we will have a historically huge amount of mail-in and absentee votes.

"Also GOP: 'Why was there a big dump of votes for Biden after polls closed on Election Day in these states?!'"

Journalist and radio hist David Shuster tweeted: "These 'data dumps' came from urban/African American precincts. It would have been an 'anomaly' if the vote ratios for Biden were not 90-10. @RandPaul, if you want these precincts to report votes earlier, maybe give them election resources they've asked for and you've withheld."

Interesting . . . the Packers' “lead” at "halftime" of 27-10 occurred in four separate point dumps between 5:00-7:10 PM. Statistical anomaly? Fraud? Look at the evidence and decide for yourself.(That is, if Big Tech allows u to read this) pic.twitter.com/6PEDCS5a5S

— Adrian Daub (@adriandaub) November 30, 2020

It’s called counting, dumbass. Stop spreading lies. pic.twitter.com/D5r5K0YHmY

— snipe, poo doula ⭑⭒⭒⭒⭒ (@snipeyhead) November 30, 2020

It's November 29th, weeks after the election, and @RandPaul STILL doesn't know that some (reddish) states controlled WHEN mail in and absentee ballots were allowed tobe counted and in what order. This is a US SENATOR by the way. And apparently an Anti-American terrorist. https://t.co/9FQ3cAd92C

— Willie Garson 🇺🇸 (@WillieGarson) November 30, 2020

it's almost like american citizens spent all day voting and counting votes and making sure they got it right then hit upload at midnight...you raging moron

— Tanner Thomason (@TannerThomason) November 30, 2020

For those of you wondering if Rand Paul is actually that much of a dishonest liar who hates our democratic institutions OR if he's just that stupid:

He's both. Always has been. His daddy too.

— Dan Murphy (@bungdan) November 30, 2020

Nobody has ever seen ‘Rand Paul’ trending and thought “truly society had been bettered today.”

— Yvette, but from a distance. (@TheSciBabe) November 30, 2020

In a statement to Newsweek, Paul said: "Asking people to think for themselves, and asking that our elections be verified free of fraud, would seem to be basic, easy concepts. They are apparently too much for the media and big tech to handle, though, so they have to attack and censor."

Trump is continuing to claim without evidence that Biden's election win is not legitimate because of mass voter fraud and illegal voting. Trump has had several lawsuits thrown out for failing to disclose any substantial evidence to his claim.

Recent recounts in Wisconsin's Dane County and one in Milwaukee County—which was requested by Trump's team at a cost of $3 million—also saw Biden achieve net gain of 87 votes in the state he was already declared the winner in.

Update 12/01/20: This article was updated with comment from Rand Paul.

Rand Paul,
U.S. Senator Rand Paul, Republican of Kentucky, arrives for the weekly Senate Republican lunch on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC, November 10, 2020. The Kentucky Senator has been criticized for tweeting about disputed claims of voter fraud which were made in a lengthy blog post. SAUL LOEB/Getty