World's Best Hospitals 2023 - France

World's Best Hospitals 2023

These are challenging times for hospitals. COVID-19 put unprecedented stress on health systems, as have inflation and global financial uncertainty. In the U.S. and around the world, leading hospitals are dealing with rising costs, aging populations and a medical workforce exhausted from battling a global pandemic.

Among the hallmarks of great hospitals, however, are not just first-class care, first-class research and first-class innovation. The very best institutions also share another quality: consistency. The world's best hospitals consistently attract the best people and provide the best outcomes for patients as well as the most important new therapies and research. Of all the hospitals in the world, relatively few can do all those things year in and year out. The best belong to a very exclusive club.

To recognize them, Newsweek and global data firm Statista are proud to introduce our fifth annual listing of the World's Best Hospitals 2023. This year, we have ranked over 2,300 hospitals in 28 countries, including one that is new to our list, Taiwan. For the first time, we ranked all top 250 global hospitals. We have also listed the best hospitals by country; each country list also includes a listing of top specialty hospitals.

We have also made other changes. This year we have added an important new pillar to our scoring model: for the first time, hospitals were surveyed regarding their PROMs implementation status. PROMs are defined as standardized, validated questionnaires completed by patients to measure their perception of their functional well-being and quality of life. The World's Best Hospitals 2023 also includes new hospital quality metrics, most notably data from the Israeli National Program for Quality Indicators (INPQ) for Israel and the Danish Clinical Quality Program for Denmark. And we have added new accreditations for Thailand and Taiwan to the scoring model (For more details on the ranking criteria, see Methodology.)

The goal of this study is to provide a data-based comparison of hospital reputation and performance across countries. We hope this will be useful to patients and families seeking the best care for themselves and loved ones, as well as to hospitals as they benchmark themselves against their peers.

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Is your hospital in a country not covered in the ranking? Discover the new Global Hospital Rating by Newsweek and Statista.

RankPublication NameScoreCityFootnotePROMs
1AP-HP - Hôpital Universitaire Pitié Salpêtrière95.14%Paris
2AP-HP - Hôpital Européen Georges Pompidou86.85%Paris
3CHU Lille - Hôpital Claude-Huriez82.53%Lille
4CHU Bordeaux - Groupe hospitalier Pellegrin80.43%Bordeaux
5Hôpital Paris Saint-Joseph80.16%ParisX
6ELSAN – Santé Atlantique80.05%St HerblainX
7AP-HM - Hôpital de la Timone79.91%Marseille
8CHU Toulouse - Hôpital Purpan79.67%Toulouse
9Hospices Civils de Lyon - Hôpital Lyon Sud79.08%Pierre Benite
10Hôpital Louis Pradel78.27%Bron
11AP-HM - Hôpital Nord78.26%Marseille
12AP-HP - Hôpital Cochin78.22%Paris
13Clinique Pasteur78.20%Toulouse
14Hospices Civils de Lyon - Hôpital Edouard Herriot78.11%Lyon
15AP-HP - Hôpital Bichat-Claude-Bernard78.08%Paris
16CHU Grenoble - Site Nord77.81%La Tronche
17AP-HP - Hôpital Saint-Antoine77.69%Paris
18CHU Nantes - Site Hôtel-Dieu77.06%Nantes
19CHRU Nancy - Hôpital Central76.93%Nancy
20Hôpital Européen76.74%Marseille
21ELSAN - Clinique Saint-Augustin76.53%BordeauxX
22AP-HP - Hôpital Henri-Mondor76.52%Creteil
23Hôpital Saint-Joseph76.44%Marseille
24AH-HP - Hôpital Antoine Béclère76.22%Clamart
25Clinique Francois Chenieux76.14%LimogesX
26Hospices Civils de Lyon - Hôpital de la Croix-Rousse75.84%Lyon
27Clinique de l'Anjou75.65%Angers
28Ramsay Santé - Hopital Prive Jean Mermoz75.61%Lyon
29UNEOS - Hôpitaux Privés de Metz - Hôpital Belle-Isle75.53%Metz
30CHU Strasbourg - Hôpital de Hautepierre75.50%Strasbourg
31Hôpital Albert Schweitzer75.44%Colmar
32UNEOS - Hôpitaux Privés de Metz - Hôpital Robert Schuman75.41%Vantoux
33Institut Mutualiste Montsouris75.32%Paris
34CHU Tours - Hôpital Bretonneau75.14%Tours
35Clinique de L'Europe Rouen75.00%Rouen
36CHU Nice - Hôpital Pasteur74.99%Nice
37CHU Dijon-Bourgogne - Hopital François Mitterant74.89%Dijon
38Centre Hospitalier de Bligny74.85%Briis Sous Forges
39CHU Lyon - Hôpital Renée Sabran74.84%Hyeres
40CHU Strasbourg - Hôpital Civil74.70%Strasbourg
41Hopital Americain74.64%Neuilly Sur Seine
42Infirmerie Protestante de Lyon74.46%Caluire Et Cuire
43CHU Nîmes - Hopital Carémeau74.42%Nîmes
44CH Privé Saint-Grégoire74.41%St Grégoire
45Ramsay Santé - Hopital Privé La Louvière74.21%Lille
46ELSAN - Polyclinique de Gentilly74.16%Nancy
47Centre Hospitalier Lourdes74.15%Lourdes
48Centre Hospitalier Toulon - Hôpital Sainte Musse74.14%Toulon
49AP-HP - Hôpital Bicêtre74.12%Le Kremlin Bicetre
50Hopital Prive Cannes Oxford74.10%Cannes
51Médipôle de Savoie74.08%Challes Les Eaux
52CHU Montpellier - Hopital Lapeyronie74.06%Montpellier
53Hopital Privé de Provence - Polyclinique du Parc Rambot74.05%Aix En Provence2
54Clinique Rhena Association74.04%Strasbourg
55AP-HP - Hôpital Saint-Louis74.03%Paris
56Clinique Mutualiste Jules-Vernes74.02%Nantes
57Hôpital d'Instruction Des Armées Clermont-Tonnerre74.01%Brest
58CHU Grenoble - Site Sud73.98%Echirolles
59CHU Toulouse - Hôpital Rangueil73.97%Toulouse
60Centre Hospitalier Grasse73.92%Grasse
61Hôpital Foch73.91%Suresnes
62Clinique Saint-George73.88%Nice
63Clinique Internationale Parc Monceau73.86%Paris
64Clinique Mutualiste de La Sagesse73.82%Rennes
65CHU Bordeaux - Hôpital Saint-André73.76%Bordeaux
66Ramsay Santé - Hôpital Privé Clairval73.74%Marseille
67Pôle santé Oréliance73.73%Saran
68CHU Clermont-Ferrand - CHU Gabriel-Montpied73.67%Clermont Ferrand
69CH Valenciennes73.64%Valenciennes
70Clinique Saint Germain73.59%St Germain En Laye
71ELSAN - Hôpital Privé la Châtaigneraie73.57%Beaumont
72Ramsay Santé - Hôpital Privé Bois Bernard73.56%Bois Bernard
73Ramsay Santé - Hopital Privé Le Bois73.55%Lille
74Ramsay Santé - Hopital Prive de La Loire73.47%St. Etienne
75AP-HP - Hôpital Lariboisière73.45%Paris
76ELSAN - CHP Brest - Polyclinique de Keraudren73.42%BrestX
77Polyclinique Saint-Roch73.39%Montpellier
78Clinique Rive-Gauche73.36%Toulouse
79Groupement des Hôpitaux de l'Institut Catholique de Lille - Hôpital Saint-Philibert73.34%Lomme
80CH Annecy Genevois - site Annecy73.33%Annecy
81Nouvelle Clinique Bel-Air73.32%Bordeaux
82Centre Hospitalier Saint Joseph et Saint Luc73.31%Lyon
83Hopital de La Croix Saint Simon73.30%Paris
84Hôpital Privé du Confluent73.29%Nantes
85Centre Hospitalier Ouest Reunion73.18%St Paul
86AP-HP - Hôpital Tenon73.12%Paris
87ELSAN - Polyclinique Médipôle Saint-Roch73.03%Cabestany
88CHI Créteil72.97%Creteil
89Ramsay Santé - Clinique de l'Union72.92%St. Jean
90CHU Rouen Normandie - Hôpital Charles-Nicolle72.85%Rouen
91CHU Lille - Hôpital Salengro72.84%Lille
92CHRU Nancy - Hôpitaux de Brabois72.81%Vandoeuvre Les Nancy
93Centre Hospitalier Privé Sainte Marie72.80%Osny
94Clinique Sainte-Anne72.77%Strasbourg
95CH Dunkerque72.74%Dunkerque
96CHU Saint-Étienne - Hôpital Bellevue72.67%St Etienne2
97Clinique Louis Pasteur72.66%Essey Les Nancy
98CHU Toulouse - Hôpital Larrey72.63%Toulouse
99CH Colmar - Hôpital Louis Pasteur72.62%Colmar
100Centre Hospitalier de Cornouaille - Site de Laënnec72.61%Quimper
101Groupement des Hôpitaux de l'Institut Catholique de Lille - Hôpital Saint Vincent de Paul72.60%Lille
102AP-HP - Hôpital Albert Chenevier72.59%Creteil2
103CH Calais - Hôpital Jean Eric Techer72.58%Calais
104Centre Hospitalier Le Mans72.57%Le Mans
105Centre Hospitalier Henri Dunant La Charite-Sur-Loire72.55%La Charite Sur Loire2
106AP-HM - Hôpital Sainte Marguerite72.54%Marseille
107Centre Hospitalier de Cannes72.53%Cannes
108CHR Metz-Thionville - Hôpital de Mercy72.52%Ars Laquenexy
109ELSAN - Polyclinique Vauban72.51%Valenciennes
110AP-HP - Hôpital Avicenne-Bobigny72.50%Bobigny
111AP-HP - Hôpital Armand-Trousseau72.48%Paris
112AP-HP - Hôpital Beaujon72.47%Clichy
113AP-HP - Hôpital Fernand-Widal72.46%Paris2
114Clinique Mutualiste Porte de L'Orient72.45%Lorient
115Clinique de Saint Joseph72.41%St Joseph2
116Centre Hospitalier d’Arcachon72.40%La Teste
117Centre hospitalier universitaire Lille72.39%Lille2
118ELSAN - Polyclinique Les Fleurs72.37%Ollioules
119ELSAN - Clinique Saint-Pièrre72.35%Perpignan
120CHU Poitiers - La Milétrie72.33%Poitiers
121Centre Hospitalier Chartres Louis Pasteur-Le Coudray72.32%Le Coudray
122CHU Besançon - Hôpital Jean Minjoz72.31%Besançon
123La Clinique Beau Soleil72.27%Montpellier
124CH Châteaubriant-Nozay-Pouance - Site Châteaubriant72.25%Chateaubriant
125Ramsay Santé - Clinique La Croix du Sud72.24%Quint-Fonsegrives
126ELSAN - Hôpital Privé Saint-Martin72.19%PessacX
127Centre Hospitalier Albi72.16%Albi
128CH Métropole Savoie - Hôpital de Chambéry72.04%Chambery
129Ramsay Santé - Clinique Belharra72.02%Bayonne
130AP-HP - Hôpital Robert-Debré72.01%Amboise
131Hopital La Porte Verte71.99%Versailles2
132AP-HP - Hôpital Joffre Dupuytren71.93%Draveil2
133ELSAN - Polyclinique de Poitiers71.92%Poitiers
134GH Seclin Carvin - CH de Seclin71.86%Seclin
135CH de Roanne71.85%Roanne
136ELSAN - Hôpital Privé Océane71.81%Vannes
137ELSAN - Hôpital-Clinique Claude Bernard71.72%Metz
138CHU Caen Normandie - Hôpital Côte de Nacre71.69%Caen
139CH Bretagne Atlantique - Site de Vannes71.67%Vannes
140Ramsay Santé - Clinique Aguilera71.65%Biarritz
141CHU Rennes - Site Pontchaillou71.60%Rennes
142Pôle Santé Léonard-de-Vinci71.59%Chambray Les Tours
specializedCentre Antoine Lacassagne - OncologyNice
specializedCentre Léon-Bérard - OncologyLyon
specializedHôpital Necker - Enfants malades - PediatricsParis
specializedHôpital Paul Brousse - GeriatricsVillejuif
specializedHospices Civils de Lyon - Hopital Femme-Mere-Enfant - Gynecology & MaternityBron
specializedInstitut Curie - OncologyParis
specializedInstitut Gustave Roussy - OncologyVillejuif
specializedInstitut Paoli-Calmettes - OncologyMarseille


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Global Board of Medical Experts:

The global board of medical experts was founded by Statista to support the World's Best Hospitals Project. The board is an independent body that is tasked with the continuous development of the quality and scope of the project. Current members of the board of experts are listed here.

The idea behind the global board of medical experts is to create an independent body that is tasked with the continuous development of the quality and scope of the project. The global board of medical experts is therefore tasked with providing guidance and input for the continuous development and future expansions of the methodology. This includes input regarding new data sources, future methodological considerations, as well as the ongoing development of the PROMs implementation survey. The members of the global board of medical experts were carefully chosen based on their national and international expertise and decade-long experience in their respective medical fields as well as their scientific output.


The World's Best Hospitals 2023 ranking lists the best hospitals in 28 countries: U.S., Germany, Japan, South Korea, France, Italy, United Kingdom, Spain, Brazil, Canada, India, Australia, Mexico, The Netherlands, Austria, Thailand, Switzerland, Sweden, Belgium, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Israel, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Colombia and Taiwan. The countries were selected based on multiple comparability factors, such as standard of living/life expectancy, population size, number of hospitals and data availability.

A global board of renowned medical experts supports the continuous development of the methodology. Thus, the lists are based on four data sources:

1- Over 80,0000 medical experts (doctors, hospitals managers, health care professionals) in 28 countries were invited to participate in the online survey. Participants were asked to recommend hospitals in their own country as well as in other countries. Recommendations for own employer/ hospital were not allowed.
2- Results from patient experience surveys. Publicly available data from existing patient surveys was used to analyze patient experience. Patient surveys are typically conducted by insurance companies among patients after hospitalization. Examples of survey topics include: general satisfaction with hospital, recommendation of hospital and satisfaction with medical care.
3- Hospital quality metrics e.g., data on quality of treatment and hygiene measures. Quality metrics from a variety of public sources were collected for most countries. Quality metrics differ between the countries. Examples of included data are data on quality of care for specific treatments, data on hygiene measures and patient safety and data on number of patients per doctors and per nurse.
4- PROMs implementation survey: For the first time, a PROMs implementation score has been included in the scoring model of the World's Best Hospitals project. PROMs are defined as standardized, validated questionnaires completed by patients to measure their perception of their functional well-being and quality of life. In fall/winter of 2022, Newsweek and Statista reached out to hospitals and conducted a survey about the implementation and use of PROMs.

Scores were calculated for each hospital in each of the four categories and weighted: Peer recommendation (49% national, 5% international): patient experience (14.5%), hospital quality metrics (29%), PROMs implementation (2.5%).

Every hospital in each country is rated by a score. Scores are only comparable between hospitals in the same country, because different sources for patient experience and medical KPIs were examined in each country. Since it was not possible to harmonize this data, cross-country comparisons of the scores are not possible (a score of 90 in country A doesn't necessarily mean that this hospital is better than a hospital with a score of 87 in country B).
The number of hospitals awarded in each country varies based on the number of hospitals and data availability in the respective country. The U.S. had the most hospitals awarded with 420, while Israel and Singapore were represented with 10 hospitals each. In total, more than 2,300 hospitals were ranked for this fifth edition of the ranking.
The online edition of this study includes a global top 250 list. The global top hospitals were determined by the number of international recommendations received in the survey and their national rank. The global list does not include specialized hospitals.

The rankings are comprised exclusively of hospitals that are eligible regarding the scope described in this document. The ranking is the result of an elaborate process which, due to the interval of data-collection and analysis, is a reflection of the last calendar year. Furthermore, events preceding or following the period 01/01/2022-31/12/2022 and/or pertaining to individual persons affiliated/associated to the facilities were not included in the metrics. As such, the results of this ranking should not be used as the sole source of information for future deliberations.

Download the methodology overview here.

Download the extended methodology here.

Disclaimer: The information provided in this ranking should be considered in conjunction with other available information about hospitals or, if possible, accompanied by a visit to a facility. The quality of hospitals that are not included in the rankings is not disputed.

1 - No medical KPI was used to determine the score for these hospitals. Their scores relies on patient satisfaction data and recommendations from medical experts.
2 - No patient satisfaction data was used to determine the score for these hospitals. Their scores relies on results from medical KPIs and recommendations from medical experts.
X - Hospitals filled out the PROMs implementation survey
- The focus of World's Best Hospitals is to award general hospitals. Specialized hospitals which have been recommended, are featured on the country lists without a rank.
- For the global ranking, please note that the PROMs score was taken into account for the national rank.