World's Best Hospitals 2023 - South Korea

World's Best Hospitals 2023

These are challenging times for hospitals. COVID-19 put unprecedented stress on health systems, as have inflation and global financial uncertainty. In the U.S. and around the world, leading hospitals are dealing with rising costs, aging populations and a medical workforce exhausted from battling a global pandemic.

Among the hallmarks of great hospitals, however, are not just first-class care, first-class research and first-class innovation. The very best institutions also share another quality: consistency. The world's best hospitals consistently attract the best people and provide the best outcomes for patients as well as the most important new therapies and research. Of all the hospitals in the world, relatively few can do all those things year in and year out. The best belong to a very exclusive club.

To recognize them, Newsweek and global data firm Statista are proud to introduce our fifth annual listing of the World's Best Hospitals 2023. This year, we have ranked over 2,300 hospitals in 28 countries, including one that is new to our list, Taiwan. For the first time, we ranked all top 250 global hospitals. We have also listed the best hospitals by country; each country list also includes a listing of top specialty hospitals.

We have also made other changes. This year we have added an important new pillar to our scoring model: for the first time, hospitals were surveyed regarding their PROMs implementation status. PROMs are defined as standardized, validated questionnaires completed by patients to measure their perception of their functional well-being and quality of life. The World's Best Hospitals 2023 also includes new hospital quality metrics, most notably data from the Israeli National Program for Quality Indicators (INPQ) for Israel and the Danish Clinical Quality Program for Denmark. And we have added new accreditations for Thailand and Taiwan to the scoring model (For more details on the ranking criteria, see Methodology.)

The goal of this study is to provide a data-based comparison of hospital reputation and performance across countries. We hope this will be useful to patients and families seeking the best care for themselves and loved ones, as well as to hospitals as they benchmark themselves against their peers.

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Is your hospital in a country not covered in the ranking? Discover the new Global Hospital Rating by Newsweek and Statista.

RankPublication NameScoreCityFootnotePROMs
1Asan Medical Center96.80%SeoulX
2Samsung Medical Center94.52%Seoul
3Seoul National University Hospital92.99%Seoul
4Severance Hospital - Yonsei University92.77%Seoul2
5The Catholic University Of Korea - Seoul St. Mary’s Hospital89.93%Seoul
6Seoul National University - Bundang Hospital89.45%Seongnam City
7Ajou University Hospital87.36%Suwon CityX
8Gangnam Severance Hospital - Yonsei University83.22%Seoul
9Kangbuk Samsung Hospital82.13%Seoul
10The Catholic University Of Korea - Yeouido St. Mary’s Hospital81.04%Seoul
11Korea University - Anam Hospital80.44%Seoul
12Chung-Ang University Hospital80.38%Seoul
13Inha University Hospital79.87%Incheon Metropolitan CityX
14Ewha Womans University Medical Center79.84%Seoul
15KyungHee University Medical Center79.70%Seoul
16Konkuk University Medical Center79.18%Seoul
17Daegu Catholic University Medical Center78.92%Daegu Metropolitan City
18Chungnam National University Hospital78.80%Daejeon
19Yeungnam University Medical Center78.69%Daegu Metropolitan City
20Chonnam National University Hospital78.54%Gwangju
21The Catholic University Of Korea - Incheon St. Mary’s Hospital78.50%Incheon Metropolitan City
22Keimyung University - Dongsan Medical Center78.32%Daegu Metropolitan City
23Korea University - Ansan Hospital78.31%Ansan City
24Hallym University - Sacred Heart Hospital78.24%Anyang City
25Kyung Hee University - Hospital at Gangdong78.20%Seoul
26Hallym University - Dongtan Sacred Heart Hospital78.17%Hwaseong City
27Pusan National University Hospital78.16%Busan
28Dong-A University Hospital78.11%Busan
29Kyungpook National University Hospital77.96%Daegu Metropolitan City
30KyungPook National University - Chilgok Hospital77.93%Daegu Metropolitan City
31SoonChunHyang University Hospital - Seoul77.85%Seoul
32Gachon University - Gil Medical Center77.72%Incheon Metropolitan City2
33SNU Boramae Medical Center77.71%Seoul
34Korea University - Guro Hospital77.58%Seoul
35Inje University - Haeundae Paik Hospital77.57%Busan
36SoonChunHyang University Hospital - Cheonan77.56%Cheonan City
37Chonbuk National University Hospital77.31%Jeonju
38Pusan National University - Yangsan Hospital77.26%Yangsan City
39Hanyang University - Guri Hospital77.23%Guri City
40Ulsan University Hospital77.21%Ulsan Metropolitan City2
41Chonnam National University - Hwasun Hospital77.14%Hwasun County
42National Health Insurance Service - Ilsan Hospital77.13%Goyang City
43Hallym University - Kangnam Sacred Heart Hospital76.70%Seoul
44CHA Bundang Medical Center76.67%Seongnam City
45Dankook University Hospital76.63%Cheonan City
46Inje University - Ilsan Paik Hospital76.48%Goyang City
47Inje University - Busan Paik Hospital76.30%Busan2
48Gyeongsang National University Hospital76.19%Jinju City1, 2
49Chungbuk National University Hospital76.15%Cheongju
50Nowon Eulji Medical Center - Eulji University76.08%Seoul
51Hanyang University Medical Center75.97%Seoul
52Gyeongsang National University - Changwon Hospital75.96%Changwon City2
53Catholic Kwandong University - International St. Mary’s Hospital75.57%Incheon Metropolitan City
54Wonju Severance Christian Hospital - Yonsei University75.44%Wonju
55Jeju National University Hospital75.33%Jeju City
56Kosin University - Gospel Hospital75.21%Busan
57The Catholic University of Korea - Bucheon St. Mary’s Hospital75.19%Bucheon City
58Inje University - Sanggye Paik Hospital75.13%Seoul
59Hallym University Hangang - Sacred Heart Hospital75.12%Seoul
60Chosun University Hospital75.07%Gwangju
61Kangdong Sacred Heart Hospital74.99%Seoul
62The Catholic University of Korea - St. Vincent’s Hospital74.58%Suwon City
63GangNeung Asan Hospital74.57%Gangneung City
64Kangwon National University Hospital74.53%Chuncheon City
65The Catholic University of Korea - Uijeongbu St. Mary’s Hospital74.51%Uijeongbu City
66Hallym University Chuncheon - Sacred Heart Hospital74.42%Chuncheon City
67Inje University - Seoul Paik Hospital74.28%Seoul
68Wonkwang University Hospital74.07%Iksan City
69Seoul Medical Center73.99%Seoul
70SoonChunHyang University Hospital - Bucheon73.95%Bucheon City
71Seoul Bumin Hospital73.91%Seoul
72Dongguk University - Ilsan Hospital73.86%Goyang City2
73Daegu Fatima Hospital73.84%Daegu Metropolitan City
74National Medical Center - Seoul73.81%Seoul
75Presbyterian Medical Center73.77%Jeonju
76Bundang Jesaeng Hospital73.64%Seongnam City
77Daejeon Eulji Medical Center - Eulji University73.59%Daejeon1, 2
78The Catholic University Of Korea - Daejeon St. Mary’s Hospital73.49%Daejeon2
79Samsung Changwon Hospital73.21%Changwon City
80Gimpo Woori Hospital72.90%Gimpo City
81Changwon Fatima Hospital72.74%Changwon City
82COMWEL Incheon Hospital71.99%Incheon Metropolitan City2
83Mediplex Sejong Hospital71.85%Incheon Metropolitan City1, 2
84G Sam Medical Center71.47%Gunpo City
85H Plus Yangji Hospital71.46%Seoul
86The Catholic University of Korea Eunpyeong St. Mary's Hospital71.01%Seoul
87Cheju Halla General Hospital70.85%Jeju City
88Sungae Hospital70.42%Seoul
89Sahmyook Medical Center69.81%Seoul
90Sun Medical Center69.73%Daejeon
91Cha Medical University Gangnam Cha Hospital69.72%Seoul
92Dongguk University - Gyeongju Hospital69.55%Gyeongju
93Hallym Hospital69.34%Incheon Metropolitan City
94Konyang University Hospital69.25%Daejeon1, 2
95Gumdan Top General Hospital69.11%Incheon Metropolitan City
96Pohang St. Mary’s Hospital69.04%Pohang City
97Cheongju St. Mary's Hospital68.98%Cheongju
98CheongJu Medical Center68.97%Cheongju
99Andong Medical Group Hospital68.89%Andong City
100Busan St. Mary's Hospital68.82%Busan
101Daerim St. Mary's Hospital68.59%Seoul
102Good Gang-An Hospital68.45%Busan
103Kwangju Christian Hospital68.44%Gwangju
104Busan Medical Center68.43%Busan
105Mokpo City Medical Center68.37%Mokpo City
106Hanil General Hospital68.35%Seoul
107Sun Medical Center68.33%Daejeon
108St. Carollo Hospital68.31%Suncheon City
109Bumin Hospital Haeundae67.98%Haeunda
110Good Morning Hospital67.83%Pyeongtaek City
111Dong-Eui Hospital67.73%Busan
112Gwangmyeong Sungae Hospital67.56%Gwangmyeong City
113The Most Holy Trinity Hospital67.38%Daegu Metropolitan City
114Hankook General Hospital67.31%Cheongju city
115Na-Eun Hospital67.17%Incheon Metropolitan City
116Good Samsun Hospital67.05%Busan
117Incheonsarang Hospital66.87%Incheon Metropolitan City
118Mokpo Christian Hospital66.66%Mokpo City
119Yongin Severance Hospital66.64%Yongin City
120Soonchunhyang University Gumi Hospital66.60%Gumi City
121Kumi Cha Hospital66.30%Gumi City
122Busan Bumin Hospital66.28%Busan
123Nasaret International Hospital66.19%Yeonsu
124Dongkang Medical Center66.13%Ulsan Metropolitan City
125Myongji St. Mary's Hospital66.03%Seoul
126Anyang Sam Hospital65.90%Anyang City
127Andong Sungso Hospital65.71%Andong City
128Pohang Stroke And Spine Hospital65.70%Pohang City
129Hando Hospital65.45%Ansan City2
130Good Moonhwa Hospital65.05%Busan
131Hana General Hospital65.03%Cheongju
132Good Sunlin Hospital65.00%Pohang City
specializedArmed Forces Capital Hospital - MilitarySeongnam City2
specializedKorea Cancer Center Hospital - CancerSeoul
specializedNational Cancer Center - CancerGoyang City


If your hospital is listed above,you can find out more about the licensing options visiting the Statista website. click here to learn more about the licensing options.

Global Board of Medical Experts:

The global board of medical experts was founded by Statista to support the World's Best Hospitals Project. The board is an independent body that is tasked with the continuous development of the quality and scope of the project. Current members of the board of experts are listed here.

The idea behind the global board of medical experts is to create an independent body that is tasked with the continuous development of the quality and scope of the project. The global board of medical experts is therefore tasked with providing guidance and input for the continuous development and future expansions of the methodology. This includes input regarding new data sources, future methodological considerations, as well as the ongoing development of the PROMs implementation survey. The members of the global board of medical experts were carefully chosen based on their national and international expertise and decade-long experience in their respective medical fields as well as their scientific output.


The World's Best Hospitals 2023 ranking lists the best hospitals in 28 countries: U.S., Germany, Japan, South Korea, France, Italy, United Kingdom, Spain, Brazil, Canada, India, Australia, Mexico, The Netherlands, Austria, Thailand, Switzerland, Sweden, Belgium, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Israel, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Colombia and Taiwan. The countries were selected based on multiple comparability factors, such as standard of living/life expectancy, population size, number of hospitals and data availability.

A global board of renowned medical experts supports the continuous development of the methodology. Thus, the lists are based on four data sources:

1- Over 80,0000 medical experts (doctors, hospitals managers, health care professionals) in 28 countries were invited to participate in the online survey. Participants were asked to recommend hospitals in their own country as well as in other countries. Recommendations for own employer/ hospital were not allowed.
2- Results from patient experience surveys. Publicly available data from existing patient surveys was used to analyze patient experience. Patient surveys are typically conducted by insurance companies among patients after hospitalization. Examples of survey topics include: general satisfaction with hospital, recommendation of hospital and satisfaction with medical care.
3- Hospital quality metrics e.g., data on quality of treatment and hygiene measures. Quality metrics from a variety of public sources were collected for most countries. Quality metrics differ between the countries. Examples of included data are data on quality of care for specific treatments, data on hygiene measures and patient safety and data on number of patients per doctors and per nurse.
4- PROMs implementation survey: For the first time, a PROMs implementation score has been included in the scoring model of the World's Best Hospitals project. PROMs are defined as standardized, validated questionnaires completed by patients to measure their perception of their functional well-being and quality of life. In fall/winter of 2022, Newsweek and Statista reached out to hospitals and conducted a survey about the implementation and use of PROMs.

Scores were calculated for each hospital in each of the four categories and weighted: Peer recommendation (49% national, 5% international): patient experience (14.5%), hospital quality metrics (29%), PROMs implementation (2.5%).

Every hospital in each country is rated by a score. Scores are only comparable between hospitals in the same country, because different sources for patient experience and medical KPIs were examined in each country. Since it was not possible to harmonize this data, cross-country comparisons of the scores are not possible (a score of 90 in country A doesn't necessarily mean that this hospital is better than a hospital with a score of 87 in country B).
The number of hospitals awarded in each country varies based on the number of hospitals and data availability in the respective country. The U.S. had the most hospitals awarded with 420, while Israel and Singapore were represented with 10 hospitals each. In total, more than 2,300 hospitals were ranked for this fifth edition of the ranking.
The online edition of this study includes a global top 250 list. The global top hospitals were determined by the number of international recommendations received in the survey and their national rank. The global list does not include specialized hospitals.

The rankings are comprised exclusively of hospitals that are eligible regarding the scope described in this document. The ranking is the result of an elaborate process which, due to the interval of data-collection and analysis, is a reflection of the last calendar year. Furthermore, events preceding or following the period 01/01/2022-31/12/2022 and/or pertaining to individual persons affiliated/associated to the facilities were not included in the metrics. As such, the results of this ranking should not be used as the sole source of information for future deliberations.

Download the methodology overview here.

Download the extended methodology here.

Disclaimer: The information provided in this ranking should be considered in conjunction with other available information about hospitals or, if possible, accompanied by a visit to a facility. The quality of hospitals that are not included in the rankings is not disputed.

1 - No medical KPI was used to determine the score for these hospitals. Their scores relies on patient satisfaction data and recommendations from medical experts.
2 - No patient satisfaction data was used to determine the score for these hospitals. Their scores relies on results from medical KPIs and recommendations from medical experts.
X - Hospitals filled out the PROMs implementation survey
- The focus of World's Best Hospitals is to award general hospitals. Specialized hospitals which have been recommended, are featured on the country lists without a rank.
- For the global ranking, please note that the PROMs score was taken into account for the national rank.