After The 'Red Dead Redemption 2' Ending: ManBearPig, Chores and Other Post-Epilogue Adventures

If you've come to this campfire, you already know how Red Dead Redemption 2 ends, and how Arthur Morgan's story comes to close. It's years later and you're now John Marston (protagonist of the original Red Dead Redemption), or, as he's trying to pass himself off in respectable society, Jim Milton. Marston wants to get out of the criminal life and settle down with his family, but living with a price on his head is tough and slipping back into a life of violence appealing. After the two epilogue chapters, players find themselves in the same position: learning how to live a normal life.

Marston looked to Arthur as mentor and it will soon become obvious how much of Marston's life follows from the one you played before. All of Arthur's compendium, weapons, kit, clothes have been meticulously preserved in working order by Marston. So part of your plans for playing past the Red Dead Redemption 2 epilogues likely involve hunting down remaining Legendary animals and fish, ticking off Tasks and Challenges, visiting question marks, acquiring weapons and exploring blank areas on the map.

You're John Marston now, deal with it. Rockstar Games

But Marston also has different opportunities than Arthur ever did.

Be a Good Man for a Spell

You don't have to do it for Abigail or the boy, why not just try "not killing" and "not looting corpses" for yourself? Who knows, maybe it will suit you. For players who stained Arthur's soul with cruelty and bloodshed, who cranked the Honor meter all the way to the red, hopping your putrid spirit into Marston is your opportunity for a second chance.

After the credits roll, you'll find Marston has a much bigger bankroll, with an extra $20,000 in your pocket, but that's no reason to stop being thrifty. While your Honor's good (I know you'll backslide), take advantage of the Honor bonuses, like massive discounts at stores and exclusive outfits. If you lived as a dishonorable Arthur, Marston's upswing is a great opportunity to possess the good and evil exclusive gun pistol grips, Hero Pearl and Gunslinger Ebony. You might even be morally upright enough to take a stagecoach, for once.

Do Your Chores

Maybe you did chores in camp, but ranch life is quite a bit harder than the laid-back anarchy of banditry. Red Dead Redemption 2 excels at tasks that are compellingly boring, but duties around the ranch are on a whole new level. Sure, milking the cow may be fun, but lugging the full milk jugs to the wagon is less fun. There's a lot of that: lugging. Carry bags of chicken feed. Carry hay. Carry water. But do all of your chores—all of 'em—just once, to watch your ranch's goods go off to market and net you the $8 payday due the small business owner.

Find Manbearpig

Will it open its eyes? Rockstar Games

This season, South Park brought back ManBearPig and Al Gore in a two-parter about the dire, imminent climate change emergency and our complete unwillingness to get off our asses and do anything about it. Everyone in town would rather be playing Red Dead Redemption 2.

So it's fitting that RDR2 already paid tribute, hiding their own ManBearPig away in a cabin just outside of Van Horn Trading Post.

The house that ManBearPig built. Rockstar Games

To get inside the lab, you'll need to hop up on a broken down wagon, then through a window to find the notes and creations of a Western-flavored Dr. Moreau.

Jim Milton: The Night Stalker

ManBearPig is far from the only scary, even supernatural, x-file to be uncovered in Red Dead Redemption 2. There are also UFOs, a vampire, a serial killer, cultists, pagans, ghosts, time travellers and The Strange Man from the first Red Dead, whose portrait can be found in a cabin in the bayou, northwest of Caliga Hall and across the Kamassa River. If, like me, you lost $2,231 to the Texas Chainsaw-y Aberdeen family, you can even go back and retrieve Arthur's money as Marston (look behind the portrait of Momma Aberdeen).

Visit Old Friends

Pearson is thriving after the events of "Red Dead Redemption 2." Rockstar Games

Around the ranch, you can have a fireside drink with Uncle or eat dinner at the family dinner table, but you'll have to get back into the saddle if you're looking for a reunion. Pay close attention to the final credits for quick glimpses at what the other survivors of the Van der Linde gang are up to. If you're going to do a lot of exploring, it can be nice to bump into these people by accident, so considering skipping the next paragraph.

Like Charles Smith, who you team up with in the Epilogue chapters, many familiar faces have gravitated toward St. Denis, including Tilly Jackson, who can be found just outside the largest park. Reverend Orville Swanson moved to New York, but you can read all about him in the Blackwater Ledger. Mary-Beth Gaskill is at the Valentine train station, while Rains Fall is at the Annesburg train station. And if you miss Simon Pearson's cooking, you're going to want to stop by the general store in Rhodes.

Pearson's General Store in Rhodes. Rockstar Games

You also have a lot of dead friends, which means a lot of graves to visit, including the final resting places of Eagle Flies, Hosea, Lenny, Susan Grimshaw and, yep, even Arthur (you'll need to visit nine graves for 100 percent completion).

Defile Micah's Corpse

You've probably wanted this guy dead for a long, long time. Rockstar Games

Revisit the site of your final shootout with Micah Bell and not only can you gloat, but you can even rip the pistol from his frozen fingers. Micah's Revolver is a custom Double-Action Revolver with a skull grip. It's got a high rate of fire and reloads fast, but don't expect much damage.

Mount Hagen is worth exploring even if Micah's corpse wasn't there to kick. You can also find a Spanish Morion helmet at the top of the mountain and a hut with aged pirate rum, plus some other goodies.

Just remember to dress warm.

Go West, Young Bandit

Or take off those layers and head west. One of the more astounding reveals toward the end of Red Dead Redemption 2 is how much of the map from Red Dead Redemption is also in the game. The campaign seems to take you all over, so unlocking everything west of Blackwater is a vast wealth of new land to explore. There's a ton out there, including the cholera plagued town of Armadillo and crime-ridden Tumbleweed, dinosaur bones, Del Lobo hideouts and Legendary animals.

Or, you could just twiddle your thumbs until Red Dead Online launches.