Sign Offering Workers $20 to Rat Out Colleagues Eating on Shift Sparks Fury

A sign offering financial incentives to employees willing to snitch on colleagues eating in the workplace has been met with anger and derision online.

The controversial display has become the source of much debate on Reddit after a user posting under the handle 1poundbookingfee shared a picture of it to the discussion-based platform.

At the time of writing, the post had been upvoted 32,600 times and garnered over 1,200 comments in the process.

"Warning! All employees must not eat during work hours," the sign in the picture reads. "Receive a $20 reward if you catch an employee eating during work hours. Employees with three warnings will be laid off with no exceptions."

According to a follow-up message posted by 1poundbookingfee, the picture was purportedly taken at an "Asian grocer in TX."

Regardless of the display's veracity, the picture nevertheless prompted many to despair at the state of the modern day workplace.

"I am 95 percent sure this is illegal," lolodune wrote. ConcernedBuilding replied: "It definitely should be illegal regardless, but I can't think of a specific (U.S. federal) law that makes it illegal."

Jdelmont209 commented: "You just know there's one employee that's going to cash in that $20. Gross." Balgargler responded: "Probably the damn manager."

"God bless this great nation," MechanicalControls added. "Anyone else feel like we're living in hell?"

Several posters also expressed concern at the policy for failing to make any concessions for employees with pre-existing conditions like diabetes.

EmiliusReturns wrote: "Diabetes counts as a disability and they have to provide reasonable accommodation, i.e. can't force you to have a seizure and/or die because they don't want you to take a 5 minute break.

"It's sad that laws like that have to exist. Because you know if they didn't, tons of sleazeball managers wouldn't give a sh** if they put you in the hospital."

Others, meanwhile, were busy cooking up inventive ways to game the system.

Lower_Department2940 asked: "Can I report myself and get the $20 to buy myself more food to eat on the clock?"

CrimsonBolt 33, meanwhile, theorized: "Take it one step further...abuse the system to make it get revoked...make everyone catch everyone eating 2 times...+40$ for everyone at least if done properly."

Slacktopuss took things one step further noting: "It doesn't say you have to catch someone else eating. You could report yourself twice and collect a $40 bonus."

Newsweek has contacted 1poundbookingfee for comment.

The debate comes a day after a viral video surfaced showing what appeared to be a Waffle House employee holding a baby while working at an outlet of the restaurant chain.

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A sign outside of an office.
Stock image of an office with a sign outside - a sign of an altogether different kind has been causing a stir on Reddit. Blue Planet Studio/Getty