Bride Inviting Teen Sister, Not Half Brother to Adults-Only Wedding Dragged

A bride's decision to disinvite her younger brother from her child-free wedding, despite allowing her younger sister to attend, has been massively criticized online.

The 26-year-old took to popular Subreddit "Am I the A**hole" in a bid to gain views on her polarizing situation. She explained that the couple hosted a child-free wedding, barring anyone under the age of 21, as they both "find children and tweens very annoying."

The want for a child-free wedding isn't out of the ordinary, with wedding planner Sarah Wintersteen telling Glamour magazine that around 60 percent of couples opt for one.

For that bride however, things were far more controversial when she admitted to letting another sibling just one year older attend the wedding.

Bride arguing with guest
Stock image of a bride arguing with a wedding guest. Getty Images

"Here's the problem," she explained. "I have two siblings much younger than me. My full sister who is 15 and my half brother, who is 14. My half-brother is the result of an affair my mom had while my dad was away for work, which caused their divorce."

"Me and my fiancé decided to make an exception for my sister because we are both close with her and she's a very mature 15-year-old. My mom had figured neither were invited and that they would stay at the hotel for the day, she was fine with it since they were together.

"When we told her it was just my brother not invited, she was pissed and said he can't stay here alone. I said he could stay with the kids (all under 10 unfortunately). She told us we could do whatever but we had to tell him the news."

The couple, she wrote, decided not to tell her brother of their decision to still invite the sister until the day before the wedding in an attempt to avoid drama weeks ahead. He however was still left upset and "threw a fit."

"When I got back from my honeymoon, I was met with angry texts and voicemails from my mom's family (half of them didn't even go). Apparently my mom spilled the beans to my aunt and she told everybody."

Seemingly, the entirety of respondents unanimously agreed on one thing: the bride was in the wrong.

"Massively you're the a**hole and tell us that you honestly think there is a scenario where you aren't," noted one Reddit user.

"I love how people who get married think the whole world cares about their wedding. You excluded a family member, a sibling, from a family event so you could be a bully and feel superior to a 14-year-old for ONE day. Way to go. You suck and karma will take care of you."

"That is so unfair," agreed another. "From your words, it seems like you did this simply because he's an affair child. You are playing favorites. He is still your brother. Why are you treating him like an alien compared to your other siblings? That's so uncool."

"I feel like it's pretty obvious you're the a**hole. Your wedding and all, but obviously making exceptions for your favorite sibling and then being too scared to actually stand behind your decision is going to polarize some people," continued another user.

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