Rescue Puppy Naps So Hard He Woke Up in 'Parallel Universe'

A rescue dog named Memphis has left the internet in stitches after he appears to wake up disorientated from a nap.

In a viral clip shared to a TikTok page dedicated to the dog, called @theworldofmemphis, the canine can be seen snoozing on his owner Faith Drumheller, who is lying down on a sofa. She then decided to get up to take a closer look at her pup whose reaction has gained a lot of traction online.

The video captioned: "Nap was so bussin I woke up in a parallel universe."

The clip has racked up 2.8 million views and 510,000 likes in less than a week.

Dog sleeping
A stock image of a dog sleeping in a funny position. Millions have watched the moment a rescue dog wakes up feeling confused from a nap. Lisa Antonelli Dodson/iStock/Getty Images Plus

Puppies snooze for 18 to 20 hours daily on average. According to The American Kennel Club, sleep is essential for puppies for healthy growth, contributing to the necessary development of the central nervous system, brain, immune system, and muscles.

In 2020, a group of British researchers from the Dogs Trust, Bristol Veterinary School, and Linnaeus Group, recruited 2,332 puppies and 1,091 one-year-old dogs and their owners for a study. The researchers studied the canines' sleeping behaviors and found that both sets of owners most commonly settled dogs to sleep by leaving the dog in a room or area without human company.

But some of the dogs had access to humans at night and of those who did, more than 86 percent chose to be around people. The study also revealed a dog's sleep may be influenced by a human's sleep if they share a bedroom.

In this case, the nap may have been induced because Memphis' owner was relaxing on the sofa or perhaps he was just catching up on sleep after a walk. The duo's activity before the video is unknown, but whatever they were doing could have been strenuous as Memphis took a few seconds to wake up.

The on-screen text said in the video: "Nap hit so hard I forgot which universe I was in."

Over 310 TikTok users have commented on the video and the top comment has 12,900 likes. It said: "Why did you move[?]"

Another said: "[I don't know] why but I think this is my favorite video."

"Waking up from those naps be life-changing in the best kind of way [for real]," commented another.

This isn't the first time Newsweek has shared an article about a dog napping. We recently shared a puppy's unusual sleeping position that left the internet in stitches.

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