Restaurant Owner Offers Would-Be Robber a Job Instead of Calling Cops

A Georgia restaurant owner is making waves for choosing kindness after his popular establishment was the target of vandalism.

After discovering Diablo's Southwest Grill had been broken into on Saturday, owner Carl Wallace took to Facebook with an unusual proposal; rather than calling the police, he extended an offer of employment to the unknown vandal.

"To the would-be robber who is clearly struggling with life decisions or having money issues... please swing by for a job application," Wallace wrote. "There are better opportunities out there than this path you've chosen."

In a report from WFLA, a man was caught on security footage throwing a brick through the glass door and entering the establishment. Once inside, he shook the cash register, but according to Wallace, he ran off when he realized the register was empty.

"Our burritos are such a smash hit we've got people breaking in at 4 a.m. for their fix," Wallace joked. "So if ya see our door looking hurricane fabulous at Wheeler Rd this is why."

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The viral Facebook post has touched the hearts of viewers. "Sometimes people make poor decisions but, no one was physically hurt," one user commented. "Based on the way you publicly responded to this incident, I'll be sure to visit Diablo's more often."

"As a 30-year government/law enforcement retiree I want to say, Thank you!," wrote another. "I've always said...' you're only one bad decision away from a totally different life.' This morning you made me think that sometimes....'you're only one GOOD decision away from a totally different life.'"

Wallace said he did not expect his post to go viral the way it did. "It was just a little bit different approach to, you know, a bad situation," he told Today. "Putting this person through incarceration to then get out to make it harder to find a good-paying job. It only makes it worse."

He added that while the vandal has not come forward yet to take him up on the offer, he plans to stay true to his word and not report the incident to law enforcement.

Wallace is not the first Georgian in the restaurant industry to go above and beyond what is asked of him. In October, a heroic Chick-fil-A employee at a Georgia location saved a child choking on his seatbelt while his family's car was in the drive-thru line. A CPR-certified Eagle Scout, he freed the child in seconds and saved his life.

Job app
Rather than report the break-in to police, Wallace opted to offer the vandal a job. Richard Levine/Corbis/Getty Images