Russia Loses 44 Tanks, 27 Armored Vehicles in a Single Day: Ukraine

Ukraine has claimed that Russia has lost 44 tanks and 27 armored personnel carriers in a single day as Kyiv presses forward with counteroffensives on two fronts.

The General Staff of the armed forces of Ukraine Facebook page produced its latest estimates on Tuesday morning.

Throughout the war, Russia has rarely released updates on how many losses it has endured and the figures it has released have been much lower than Ukrainian estimates.

Ukrainian tanks entering Kupiansk, which has been taken back from Russian troops, on September 28, 2022 in Kupiansk, Ukraine. Ukraine has claimed that Russia has lost 44 tanks and 27 armored vehicles in a single day as they highlight all of the country's losses since the start of the war. Ivan Chernichkin/Getty

The post estimated that since the beginning of the war, Russia has lost around 60,800 personnel with an additional 370 losses on October 3.

It also claimed that 2,424 tanks have been lost since the war started on February 24 and an additional 44 tanks were destroyed on Monday.

As well as this, Ukrainian forces have destroyed 5,018 armored personnel vehicles and another 27 were destroyed on Monday.

Russia has not confirmed these numbers are accurate and Newsweek has contacted its Ministry of Foreign Affairs for comment.

In addition to this, the post says that two artillery systems, one anti-aircraft warfare system, one plane, two UAVs and 12 vehicles and fuel tanks were destroyed on Monday.

"The enemy suffered the greatest losses [in total] in the Kramatorsk and Bakhmut directions," the post added, according to a Google translation.

"Russian enemy suffered the greatest losses of the past day at the Kramatorsk and Kryvyi Rih directions.

Kramatorsk and Bakhmut are in the eastern Donetsk region, where Ukraine has taken ground with one counteroffensive, while Kryvyi Rih is in the south, where Ukraine's forces have launched another counteroffensive.

Ukraine has also admitted to significant losses of its own. Nearly 9,000 Ukrainian military personnel have been killed in the war with Russia, the head of Ukraine's armed forces said in August, according to Reuters.

The latest reported losses come after Russia has admitted it was forced to retreat from the city of Lyman due to the Ukrainian counteroffensive.

The Institute for the Study of War told Newsweek that over the weekend the Russian Ministry of Defense (MoD) announced the withdrawal of Russian troops from Lyman to what it called "more advantageous positions" to avoid the 'threat of encirclement' in the settlement.

The think tank explained the details of Ukraine's victories in the region and what this could mean for the war.

"Ukrainian forces continued to liberate settlements east and northeast of Lyman on October 2 and have liberated Torske in Donetsk Oblast. Russian sources claimed that Russian forces withdrew from their positions northeast of Lyman, likely to positions around Kreminna and along the R66 Svatove-Kreminna highway," the think tank said.

The think tank continued: "Russian sources are voicing concern that Ukrainian forces are targeting and preparing to cut the critical Svatove-Lyman ground line of communication that was supplying the Russian grouping in Lyman.

"Russian sources are concerned that the collapse of the Lyman pocket and control over the Svatove-Lyman Road will allow Ukrainian forces to essentially wedge into Luhansk Oblast and threaten RU positions along the Kharkiv-Luhansk border, especially near the critical settlements of Severodonetsk and Lysychansk.