Ukraine Snipers Take Out Russian Vehicle 2,500 Feet Away, Video Shows

Ukraine's armed forces released video purportedly of snipers destroying a Russian military vehicle as Kyiv said on Wednesday that it had repelled a number of attacks in the eastern Donetsk and Luhansk regions.

Video posted on the Facebook page of the Ukrainian Special Operations Forces show smoke billowing from a target in the distance amid the disguised voices of Ukrainian personnel.

The video caption then says "a few minutes earlier" and cuts to a military vehicle driving from right to left, followed by the aftermath of the apparent sniper attack.

"Our warriors worked at a distance of 754 m (2500 feet) from the goal," said the Facebook post, according to a translation, which added, "the enemy BMP-2 was destroyed by inserting an armored and incendiary ammunition into the combat unit."

Снайпери ССО України знищили дві «бехи» росіян !Перед вами - результат роботи снайперської пари Сил спеціальних операцій ЗС України.Наші воїни...

A BMP-2 is an amphibious infantry fighting vehicle used to carry troops into battle and provide direct-fire support.

"Another armored vehicle was disabled after several shots fired at the engine compartment," the post said and subsequently it "began to smoke."

Although the location of the supposed incident was not revealed, the post referred to the 8th Special Purpose Regiment.

Undated footage released by the Ukrainian military, which CNN says it has confirmed, showed Russian military vehicles being taken out in Oleksandrivka, southeast of the Russian-occupied city of Izium.

The network said it had also geolocated drone footage of Ukrainian military strikes on Russian military vehicles in the village of Sulyhivka, which lies about 11 miles south of Izium in the Kharkiv region.

The General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine said on Wednesday morning that its forces had repelled 12 Russian attacks in the eastern Donetsk and Luhansk regions over the previous 24 hours.

It also said that Russian forces had carried out assaults in ​​Popasna and continued to launch airstrikes and fire at its positions in the Azovstal steelworks area in Mariupol, from where people have been evacuated.

Meanwhile, British defense officials said that Russia had deployed 22 battalion groups near Izium as it tries to push into the Donbas region.

They said that Russian forces have been "struggling to break through Ukrainian defenses" and were likely "to proceed beyond Izium to capture the cities of Kramatorsk and Severodonetsk."

"Capturing these locations would consolidate Russian military control of the north-eastern Donbas," the officials said in their daily update on Wednesday, adding that it would also "provide a staging point for their efforts to cut-off Ukrainian forces in the region."

Newsweek has contacted the Russian and Ukrainian defense ministries for comment.

Ukrainian soldiers
This illustrative image shows Ukrainian soldiers on an armored engineering vehicle carried on a tank transporter near Kramatorsk, eastern Ukraine, on April 30, 2022. Ukraine's armed forces have released video it says is of a Russian military vehicle getting hit by snipers. YASUYOSHI CHIBA/Getty Images