Video of Russian Soldier Failing to Capture Ukraine Trench Viewed 2M Times

A video of Russian and Ukrainian soldiers engaged in intense trench warfare has gone viral on social media.

The clip shows two Ukrainian soldiers in the trench fighting back against an unknown amount of Russian troops.

The footage was posted on February 17 by Twitter user Dénes Törteli, who supports Ukraine's fight against Russia, according to his Twitter bio. It has so far been viewed more than 2 million times.

Ukrainian trench
Ukrainian soldiers keep their position in a trench on the front line with Russian troops in the Luhansk region on April 11, 2022. A video of Russian and Ukraine soldiers engaged in intense trench warfare has gone viral on social media. Getty

At one point during the clip, the Ukrainian soldier shoots and seemingly injures a Russian who attempts to capture the trench.

The Ukrainian soldier then proceeds to return back to firing over the trench. It appears he also manages to shoot another Russian soldier, but the footage isn't clear.

During the clip, the Ukrainian soldier users a variety of weapons and grenades while fighting in the trench.

Newsweek hasn't been able to verify when or where this footage was taken.

Throughout the video there is also a watermark to the BritishIntelligence Telegram channel. Törteli confirmed that the video was initially posted on this channel on February 17.

According to Google translate, it was posted with the caption: "The fighter used all available weapons, constantly moved, followed the sector from which the [Russians] were storming.

"In addition to this, he also led the second fighter, to whom he assigned the role of loader.

"Despite the very short contact distance, he did not lose his self-control and demonstrated excellent skills and character."

Last week Friday, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky tweeted praise for the Ukrainian forces for standing up to Russian aggression.

Sharing a video of him speaking at the 2023 Munich Security Conference, Zelensky tweeted: "David defeated Goliath not by conversation, but by courage and sling.

"Courage we do have. The sling should get stronger. So that the next year we would gather for the Post-War Munich Security Conference. We shall prevail over Putin and 'Putins' in Russia and all over the world."

Ahead of the one-year anniversary for Russia's invasion of Ukraine, U.S.-based think tank The Institute for the Study of War (ISW) has reflected on Russia's tank losses.

In a report over the weekend the think tank said Russia has lost about half of its T-72B and T-72B3M main battle tanks.

The ISW said the losses amount to "the equivalent of around 16 tank regiments worth" and is likely "hindering Russia's ability to reconstitute its tank units rapidly."

"Widespread tank losses also impact the capacities of motorized rifle formations to function effectively, but motorized rifle units require fewer tanks in each and can make better use of the large amount of relatively untrained manpower the rushed Russian reserve mobilization has generated.

"The absence of reconstituted tank regiments and brigades, however, deprives the Russian ground forces of the kind of punch required to make and exploit operationally significant breakthroughs—which may explain why the WMD [Western Military District] has so far failed to make any."

Newsweek has contacted the foreign-affairs ministries of Russia and Ukraine for comment.