Russian State TV Chief Says Country Will 'Defeat the Entire Western World'

A prominent Kremlin propagandist used vulgar language in describing how the war in Ukraine was a fight with the whole West, in which Russia would ultimately prevail, showing itself to be "the greatest country in the world."

However, amid the patriotic bombast, head of the RT channel Margarita Simonyan admitted that Moscow had no allies and that many Russians were questioning its war aims.

The clip tweeted by Russia watcher and journalist Julia Davis, showed Simonyan responding to comments by the anchor on the Russia 1 channel, Vladimir Solovyov after he had said that it was "Russia's great purpose ... to save the world."

Acknowledging the extent of previous social media coverage of her rhetoric on Russian state television, Simonyan said, "I want to tell you right into the camera, pardon the expression—our program airs late at night—fighting for peace is like screwing for virginity."

Soldiers of the Ukrainian Volunteer Army
Soldiers of the Ukrainian Volunteer Army are pictured near the front line near Bakhmut in the Donetsk region of Ukraine on March 11, 2023. Kremlin propagandist Margarita Simonyan told Russian state television that Moscow is fighting with the "entire Western world" in Ukraine. SERGEY SHESTAK/Getty Images

"When you understand this maybe you'll be less hypocritical," she said in a monologue framing Russian President Vladimir Putin's full-scale invasion as necessary, a recurring theme on Solovyov's nightly program.

She had been stopped by passers-by while on vacation in the southern Russian city of Sochi where she was asked when the war would end and what were Moscow's goals.

"Let's understand who we are fighting against," Simonyan said, "we are not fighting against Ukraine, we defeated Ukraine in the first two or three days.

"Then a war with NATO started," and not just with the alliance, because there was a proxy war between Moscow and countries who were not members.

She believed the war was "significant in its might," which in her view was tougher for Moscow than World War II, because at least then, it was fighting on the side of the U.K., France and the U.S.

"We were together with them against a handful of mighty countries," she said referring to Germany, Italy and Japan. "Still, those were three countries, right now, it is the entire so-called Western world."

Lamenting that unlike in World War II she said Moscow has no real allies for their fight in Ukraine because countries who might lend a hand, such as India and China, were too "scared" to do so.

However, this meant that Moscow would solely take the credit for victory. "Think about what will happen when we win the war," which as she crossed herself, said would happen "with God's help."

In her view, Moscow's victory would not just involve taking Bakhmut or Vulhedar, the Donetsk cities that have been fought over for months, but "we will defeat the entire Western world."

Despite the amount of weapons and "human resources" that Ukraine was being sent by its allies, "when we defeat this entire horde, we will simply confirm our status…as the greatest country in the world," added Simonyan.