Russian Toddler Survives Three Days Alone in Freezing, Bear-Ridden Siberian Forest

A road sign just outside the village of Yangutum, Siberia, Russia, February 2. For 72 hours, a young boy was lost amid dense forestry in woodland in the Tuva Republic. Alexander Aksakov/Getty

A Russian toddler survived three days lost in a forest in a remote region of Siberia—an area renowned for being inhabited by wolves and bears.

Three-year-old Tserin Dopchut survived by eating the only chocolate bar he had, and by sleeping in a dry makeshift bed under a larch tree, according to reports.

The child had been under the care of his great-grandmother, local media reported, but he ventured off near the village of Khut, located amid dense forestry in the Tuva Republic when her back was turned.

Tserin was wearing only a shirt and shoes, with no coat.

For 72 hours the child braved plummeting temperatures, the threat of wild animals and the danger of falling into a fast-flowing river, the River Mynas.

He was eventually rescued by his uncle. After being hugged, his first question was whether his toy car was OK.