Woman Spits on Flight Passenger During Argument over Facemasks

An incident aboard a Ryanair flight has gone viral after a passenger spat at and kicked fellow travelers.

The flight, which flew from Ibiza, Spain to Italy's Milan Bergamo airport, took place on May 26 and saw an intense altercation between passengers. The woman at the center of the videos can be seen pulling the hair of one passenger, kicking at another and spitting across seats before being removed from the flight.

Fellow passengers shared clips from the flight online, which can be seen here, amassing shocked responses online. The disagreement appears to have started over demands for the woman to wear her facemask and social distance.

The viral video begins with the woman, who has her mask on her chin, sitting down on the flight in a verbal disagreement with a passenger to her right. She then spits at the passenger. A flight attendant interjects and spoke to the woman.

When he left, the passenger continued to rant loudly on the flight, causing the attendant to return. The passenger and attendant had a verbal dispute, with her telling him to "go away."

At one point the woman can be heard stating that she lives in a democratic country and can say what she wants.

However, the altercation took a turn for the worse when the woman pulled at the hair of another passenger. In the clip, she can also be heard mimicking the screams from the passenger.

Final video clips from the flight show the woman being escorted and held by Ryanair staff, while she kicked at a male passenger.

In a statement to Newsweek, Ryanair explained: "The crew of this flight from Ibiza to Milan Bergamo (May 26) requested police assistance upon arrival after a passenger became disruptive in-flight. The aircraft landed normally, and police removed the individual at Milan Bergamo airport. This is now a matter for local police."

In response to the viral video, the woman took to her Instagram account and gave her views on the incident. The passenger explained that she was "frustrated" and "unlucky" during the flight, and alleged that there will be legal consequences for those who have sent the videos to other people.

Similarly, a woman went viral in Texas last week after her public outburst was captured on camera. The woman was dubbed "Boo Hoo Karen" after she demanded to see the airport manager. She was subsequently arrested, and the video has been viewed over five million times.

Aerial view of an airplane
Aerial view of airplane at airport. A woman has gone viral after a dispute on an airplane. Getty Images. Getty Images