Ryder Cup 2023 Video Confuses Rome's Colosseum With French Amphitheater in Major Mix-Up

The mayor of Rome has been lambasted after mixing up the city's iconic Colosseum with a Roman amphitheater in France in a promotional video for the 2023 Ryder Cup.

After being held at Whistling Straights in Wisconsin this coming September, the bi-annual tournament will return to Europe in two years with Rome set to be the first Italian venue to host one of golf's most prestigious events.

On Sunday, Roman Mayor Virginia Raggi shared a promotional video to promote the tournament, which will be held at the Marco Simone Golf & Country Club in Guidonia, on the outskirts of the Italian capital, between September 30 and October 2, 2023.

Unsurprisingly, the clip opened with the shot of a Roman amphitheater.

However, a closer look showed that instead of Rome's Colosseum, the venue that appears in the video is in fact the Arena of Nimes, situated in the homonymous city in southern France.

Built approximately two years after the Colosseum, the Arena of Nimes is considered to be one of the best-preserved Roman amphitheaters in the world.

The glaring mistake was even more embarrassing considering the video was officially produced by the organizing committee of the 2023 Ryder Cup.

Raggi shared the promotional clip containing the wrong amphitheater on her Facebook profile, and it did not take long for her gaffe to be seized upon by political opponents.

🎥 A ROMA LA RYDER CUP 2023La Ryder Cup 2023, il grande torneo di golf, si svolgerà a Roma Il campo del Marco Simone Golf & Country Club ospiterà questo...

Andrea Casu, secretary of the centre-left Democratic Party, suggested the blunder was good enough reason for Romans to prevent Raggi, a member of the populist Five Star Movement party, from winning a second term as mayor of the Eternal City.

"Can a person who, after five years being the mayor does not even recognise the Colosseum, reapply for the leadership of Rome? No," he told Italian daily Corriere della Sera.

Meanwhile, Luciano Nobili, a member of parliament in the Chamber of Deputies, the lower House of the Italian Parliament, bemoaned the kind of mistake "not even a child in primary school would make."

"We have grown accustomed to all sorts of failures, mistakes, blunders and disasters, during Virginia Raggi and the Five Star Movement five-year spell on the Capitoline Hill [which hosts Rome city hall]," he continued.

"But this time we have set a new record."

Roberta Angelilli, a member of the national-conservative party Brothers of Italy, struck a similar tone, accusing Raggi of failing both "her history and geography classes."

Roberto Riccardi, Rome coordinator for the Union of the Center party, meanwhile, said the gaffe had made "Rome the laughing stock of the entire world."

The video, which featured several others Rome landmarks, was eventually amended and the shot of Arena of Nimes was replaced by one of the Italian capital's many famous cathedrals.

Ryder Cup
The Ryder Cup trophy is pictured during the Pro Am event prior to the start of the Maybank Championship at the Saujana Golf & Country Club, Palm Course on March 20, 2019 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The 2021 edition of the tournament will take place at Whistling Straights, Wisconsin. Andrew Redington/Getty Images