Sam Querrey, Andy Murray's Wimbledon 2017 Conqueror, Was Once Better Known for his Dancing

Before Sam Querrey was a Wimbledon semifinalist, he was an epically cheesy dancer.

Querrey, the 29-year-old journeyman from San Francisco, transcended to giant-killer status on Wednesday afternoon when he knocked Andy Murray, the world No. 1 and British darling, from the quarterfinals at the All England Club in five sets.

The 24th seed rampaged through the final two sets for the loss of two games to make his first Grand Slam semifinal.

Before Querrey was a Murray-slayer, though, he was just a regular guy throwing awful dance moves in dubious sunglasses, with terrifying horse mannequins as backing dancers.

A vine posted on YouTube on July 1 2016 after Querrey had beaten Novak Djokovic at Wimbledon shows just that. Oh, Querrey's also open-shirted, in a hat, and there's some awful dance music playing. There's also a sheet involved. If the film Wimbledon had got its wires crossed with The Shining it might have looked like a less unsettling version of this.

Querrey is experienced in this area, according to USA Today. Before he went on Millionaire Matchmaker in 2015, presumably causing Pete Sampras and Andre Agassi to pray for the soul of American men's tennis, Querrey celebrated his upcoming date with a series of Vines.

Querrey plays Marin Cilic or Gilles Muller in the Wimbledon semifinals, neither of whom, as far as we are aware, have ever danced open-shirted with people in horse costumes. So Querrey FTW.