Sarah Palin Called 911 on Her Son Track as He Violently Attacked Her Husband

Track Palin, shown with sister Willow and Trig Palin in 2008, was arrested Saturday after authorities said he violently attacked his father, Todd. GETTY

Sarah Palin called 911 as her 28-year-old son, Track, who has a history of domestic violence, attacked her husband Saturday.

The former vice presidential candidate made the call at 8:30 p.m. that her son was "freaking out and was on some type of medication," according to theAnchorage Daily News.

Her son was arrested on charges of felony burglary, fourth-degree assault and criminal mischief on Saturday.

Track Palin arrived at the family home on Saturday after telling his father, Todd Palin, that he was going to "beat his ass," according to a sworn affidavit obtained by the Anchorage Daily News.

Track Palin reportedly wanted to pick up a truck from his father, but his dad told him not to come, the report states. Track Palin arrived anyway, so Todd Palin grabbed his pistol to "protect the family" and met Track at the door.

Track Palin then allegedly broke through a window and attacked his father, pummeling him in the head.

Bleeding, Todd Palin got away from his son and fled the home. The father suffered cuts to his head and had "liquid coming from his ear," according to the Anchorage Daily News.

"Given the nature of actions addressed last night by law enforcement and the charges involved, the Palins are unable to comment further," attorney John Tiemessen said in a statement to People. "They ask that the family's privacy is respected during this challenging situation, just as others dealing with a struggling family member would also request."

Track Palin, who his mother has said suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder, has been arrested previously. In January 2016, he was arrested on domestic violence charges when he allegedly struck his ex-girlfriend in the head and near her eye with a "closed fist." She fell to the ground, and he then began to kick her and said he would commit suicide with a semi-automatic rifle, according to the officer responding to the call.

Police found his girlfriend in tears and hiding under a bed. Track Palin was charged with domestic assault and later pleaded guilty to misconduct with weapons and possession of a weapon while intoxicated.

He had spent a year in Iraq with the Alaska-based 25th Infantry Division's 1st Stryker Brigade.

"My son, like so many others, they come back a bit different, they come back hardened, they come back wondering if there is that respect for what it is that their fellow soldiers and airmen [and] every other member of the military so sacrificially have given to this country," Sarah Palin said in 2016 of her son.