School Vice Principal Threw Beer at Diners as Wife Went on Transphobic Rant

A middle school vice principal is in hot water after a video of him and his wife harassing other patrons at a restaurant went viral.

The VP was caught throwing his drink on diners as his wife raged about transgender restaurant patrons and the footage was quickly posted to social media. Now, school administrators have launched an internal investigation against him.

Several witnesses watched the couple's transphobic tirade at Fred & Ethel's Lantern Light Restaurant and Tavern on Saturday evening. According to a report by BreakingAC, patrons were attending a weekend Renaissance Faire in Atlantic City.

New Jersey Advance Media identified the couple as Michael and Lisa Smurro, and reported that Michael works as the vice principal at Neptune Middle School.

Videos of the transphobic rant was posted onto Facebook by an account named "Peach CC." In the first clip, Lisa and Michael are seated at their table complaining about a transgender woman using the female restroom at the restaurant.

"It's not okay," Lisa says to a nearby table. "It's some new thing now that's cool to be this, cool to be transgender, it's cool to be this. No, it's not ... You're either born a woman or you're a man."

"She's a man, in my bathroom," she adds.

In a second video, Lisa gets increasingly more agitated. "It's not okay. You're a man or a woman, that's what you are," she says.

The woman filming is heard saying that the restaurant should "remove them," and a man at her table adds, "Stop serving that woman alcohol." They express concern given the nature of her language with children also eating at the restaurant.

As Michael and Lisa get up to leave the table with their beers, they realize they are being filmed.

"You wanna videotape me? Hi!" Lisa says. "It's not right! A man just went in the women's bathroom and that's not right!"

A third video starts with the waitress apologizing to the table for the couple's actions. Lisa approaches the table on her way out of the establishment, and repeats to the waitress, "There's a man p*****g in the ... women's bathroom."

As the waitress refers to the patron as a woman, Lisa shouts, "She's a man!"

"You're being inappropriate," the woman filming says. "Take your hate elsewhere please."

When the waitress leaves to get her manager, she asks the table, "She's a man. How are you okay with this?"

Michael approaches from behind Lisa and tosses the remainder of his beer in the direction of several off-camera patrons. "Here you go, pal," he says. "There you go."

The two walk into the parking lot as other patrons voice their concerns. "Take a walk!" one says. "Get the f**k out of here!" yells another.

The patrons call his actions "assault" and the video ends as they decide to call the police.

Lisa later spoke to The New Jersey Advance and claimed it was initially a private discussion she was having with her husband.

"My whole thing is, that restaurant provided a bathroom for transgenders, and that's where they should have gone. I just felt a little uncomfortable," she said. "Our daughter's not young anymore, but if she was young and I brought her in there, that would have made me very uncomfortable."

Viewers on Facebook and Reddit expressed disgust toward Michael and Lisa.

"'She's a man' ... your own words indicate otherwise simpleton. Why can't people just mind their own business ffs," one Redditor commented. Another asked, "How do you work at a school when you have no class?"

The New Jersey Advance confirmed with the Neptune Township's district superintendent Tami Crader that Michael was under investigation and the matter "will be taken seriously." She did not indicate whether or not administrative action would be taken against him, however.

The woman filming, also known as Carrie, expressed her concern that Michael will continue working in a school setting to BreakingAC. "[Michael] assaulted a table with a child at it," she said.

"He should not be working with children. His wife should especially be far, far, far away from children," Carried added.

The restaurant owner Tony Coppola also told the outlet that he was dismayed by the "unfortunate, ugly incident."

"We're going to cooperate with police in any way," he said. "We don't condone that type of activity."

Michael himself has not issued any official statement on the incident.

The public transphobic incident comes just weeks after a transgender teen's death resulted in two separate funeral arrangements after his grieving parents could not agree on the child's gender.

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An elementary school vice principal and his wife went on a tirade against transgender diners using the restaurant bathrooms. Smith Collection/Gado/Getty Images