Seagull Hilariously Steals Limelight From Bikini-Clad Woman in Viral Video

A woman who was filming herself on the beach in her bikini was outshined by a seagull in a hilarious video.

In the clip, which was shared to TikTok a user known on the app as Danielleedixonn, we can see that she is wearing a string bikini as she jogs away from the camera towards the ocean in San Diego, California.

However, instead of focusing on her slowly disappearing into the horizon, the footage is interrupted by an inquisitive seagull walking past the phone.

The bird, looking about as it then walks out of view then back across the beach scene, is filmed with the song "Solar Power" by Lorde playing in the background.

The animal finally heads right towards the lens so it almost blocks the beach entirely from view before the video ends.

The adorable clip is captioned: "Today this seagull let me know that I'm actually not the main character #sandiego."

Since it was posted on August 4, the footage has since been viewed a whopping 1.5 million times and surpassed 438,400 likes as well as nearly 4,000 shares.


today this seagull let me know that i’m actually not the main character #sandiego

♬ Solar Power - Lorde

Many people also rushed to the comments section to share their opinions on the comical clip, which can be watched here, with most agreeing it belonged in a film.

One TikTok user, Loudfailure, commented: "This is like the end credits to a 2000s comedy movie."

Another person, Damdietcoke, added: "I love imagining you returning to your phone and watching the video and just losing it."

Glonkygarlic joked: "Bird voiceover 'oh you guys thought this movie was about her guys? Well sorry to disappoint but its not. You might be wondering what I'm doing here.'"

Emilysquints7 typed: "This is an add for something I swear."

Emiwy107 observed: "If this were the end of a movie that seagull would definitely have helped you out in some way during the movie and this is his ending scene."

Melanie15munoz explained: "This is like in those movies where the comedic relief character who has like 3 lines is like 'that's the end of the movie folks, go home now.'"

Nataliarodie agreed: "This is like the ending to a funny movie and the seagull that has been annoying throughout the whole movie comes at the end."

Another video that has recently gone viral shows a seagull taking food right out of a Scottish teen's mouth.

In the clip, which was filmed by Sophie McGill, the bird has swooped down to take some of a KFC wrap.

Speaking to Newsweek, McGill said: "My brother bought a flaming hot wrap from KFC and we were waiting outside for someone to pick us up.

"In the process my brother got hungry so started to eat the wrap and that's when the seagull thought it would benefit himself more than Matthew."

Seagull steals KFC from teen's mouth
A stock image of a seagull. On TikTok, a seagull stole the limelight from a woman shooting a beach video. LOIC VENANCE/AFP/Getty Images