The Secret Netflix Christmas Movie Codes That Unlock All The Festive Fun

Netflix is filled with Christmas content but if you're finding it hard to decipher which festive film to watch, there are secret codes to help you choose.

There are a number of secret codes to help you divide the festive fun, as each individual set of numbers takes you to a unique Christmas list.

Netflix features tons of Christmas classics as well as a number of brand new upcoming holiday features. In December the likes of Single All the Way, A California Christmas: City Lights, and Carolin Kebekus: The Last Christmas Special will arrive on the streaming service.

How to enter the secret Christmas Codes on Netflix

The Netflix Christmas codes are a seven digit sequence that you can enter on a web browser to take you to a special festive list.

In your web browser on your laptop, tablet or desktop, log in to Netflix and enter the following URL: After the final forward slash, enter the code that corresponds to the Christmas list you'd like to see.

What are the Christmas codes?

Netflix have created a number of lists and categories to divide the Christmas content into.

These can range from the origin of the movie or TV show, to the age brackets the movies are suitable for.

Here is the full list of the current categories, followed by the special code linked to the it:

  • Feel-good Christmas children & family films: 1475066

  • Christmas children & family films from the 1990s – 1476024
  • Romantic Christmas films - 1394527
  • Christmas children & family films 1474017
  • Christmas children & family films for ages 5 to 7: 1477201
  • Christmas children & family films for ages 8 to 10: 1477204
  • Christmas children & family films for ages 11 to 12: 1477206
  • Goofy Christmas children & family films: 1475071
  • Christmas children & family films from the 1990s: 1476024
  • British Christmas children & family films: 1527064
  • Canadian Christmas children & family films: 1721544
  • European Christmas children & family films: 1527063

What Christmas classics are available on Netflix?

Netflix is filled with Christmas classics and festive-themed Netflix originals to entertain subscribers.

The Christmas Chronicles 1 and The Christmas Chronicles 2 are both available to watch now, while production of The Christmas Chronicles 3 is rumored to be underway.

There's a whole Christmas Cinematic Universe available to watch across Netflix which includes the Princess Switch movies, Christmas Inheritance, A Christmas Prince, The Holiday Calendar, The Knight Before Christmas, and even Holiday in the Wild staring Rob Lowe and Kristin Davis.

There are also hundreds of TV shows on Netflix that have memorable Christmas specials such as Friends, Gavin & Stacey, Big Mouth, The Big Bang Theory and even Black Mirror.

Single All The Way
Michael Urie as Peter, Jennifer Coolidge as Aunt Sandy, in "Single All The Way." Philippe Bosse/Netflix