See Katie Thurston's First 'Bachelorette' Promo, Premiere Date Revealed

Katie Thurston's Bachelorette season will air sooner than you might think. The first Bachelorette promotion for Season 17 was just released on Instagram, and it revealed that Thurston's premiere night will be Monday, June 7.

There's still no word on when Michelle Young's Bachelorette season will air. Fans may remember ABC revealed both women from James' season will have their own, full-length Bachelorette seasons airing in 2021. Young's is expected later in the fall.

In a video posted on The Bachelor Nation Instagram account, Thurston is seen holding her first rose. The short video clip, which shows Thurston in the Bachelorette driver's seat, doesn't reveal much except for the show's air date.

You can watch it here:

Reality Steve has revealed men who be cast on Thurston's season, but the final choices for Thurston's season have yet to be confirmed.

Bachelor viewers fell in love with Thurston early on in James' season, which aired this past winter. Her limo entrance was unforgettable, to say the least when she handed James one of her own sex toys. Thurston has displayed sex positivity and female empowerment—both on the series and in her personal life shared online. Thurston's TikTok account has over 278,000 followers who subscribe to hear her provocative stories.

Katie Bachelorette
Katie accepts a rose from Matt James on "The Bachelor." Craig Sjodin/ABC

Her first impression established Thurston as being bold, and that impression held up. When drama erupted in the Bachelor house, Thurston told James about all of it. In doing so, she was seen as a woman ready to stand up for those being bullied, and someone who wouldn't endorse petty drama.

All of those things together made her a fan favorite, however shocking her first steps on ABC were. That's why, thousands of Twitter users campaigned for Thurston to be made the next Bachelorette, and rejoiced when she was.

Though Young's season is still only on the horizon, she has been applauded as much as Thurston. Young was James' runner-up to Rachael Kirkconnell, and plenty of viewers wished she'd been the one to receive James' final rose. Others stated both Thurston and Young were too good for James, anyway.

For those viewers, and all others tuning in, both Thurston and Young will have a chance at finding their happily ever after, Thurston in the first weeks of June.

As for James, viewers know he didn't end up with Kirkconnell after filming...or did he? Despite their apparent breakup before the "After the Final Rose" episode, James and Kirkconnell have been spotted together in New York as Reality Steve also claimed they've been spending time together. Despite the wild drama surrounding Kirkconnell's past, it seems James and the woman may have a future together after all.