Serenity Now: Jerry Stiller's Most Memorable Moments on 'Seinfeld' as Frank Costanza

Comedian and actor Jerry Stiller passed away on May 11 of natural causes at 92. Perhaps his most iconic role was the hot-blooded and short-tempered Frank Costanza, father to Jason Alexander's George on Seinfeld. Although Stiller didn't take on the part until Seinfeld's fourth season, he made up for lost time with his often irrational outbursts and unforgettable one-liners.

From screaming "serenity now" (and never seeming to find it) and celebrating Festivus ("a Festivus for the rest of us"), Stiller was a tour de force and never failed to make us laugh.

Jerry Stiller, Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Michael Richards
Jerry Stiller, Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Michael Richards at a 'Seinfeld' event in 2004. Stiller played George Constanza's crotchety father, Frank on the sitcom. Carley Margolis/FilmMagic/Getty

Here are some of Stiller's most memorable moments as Frank Costanza:

Festivus (season 9 episode 10)

The fictitious holiday, which takes place December 23, famously includes the feats of strength and the airing of grievances.

Frank and Elaine Benes (Julia Louis Dreyfus) get into a fight (season 8 episode 4).

Tensions rose when they both got called to pick up George from the police station. How the two filmed this and kept a straight face is beyond comprehension.

Frank explodes on George Steinbrenner for trading Jay Buhner to the Mariners (season 7 episode 12).

When the owner of the New York Yankees stopped by to tell the Costanzas about their son's untimely demise, Frank had something else on his mind. Holding back? Not one of Frank's skills.

Flashback to Frank's stint as a cook during the Korean War (season 8 episode 6).

This episode showcased the pain and the passion that is Frank Costanza when he recalled inflicting food poisoning on his unit. Another actor, it may have been over the top, but with Stiller at the helm it was comic gold.

The Man-sierre (season 6 episode 18).

Frank and Kramer (Michael Richards) go into business together to sell a bra made for men. That name doesn't appeal to you? Well what about "the bro?"

Frank's coaching of Kramer when it comes to schilling the bras deserves its own special shoutout. Admit it, you would seriously consider buying a bra from this man, whether you needed one or not.

"This is Frank Costanza"(season 7 episode 16).

Frank decides to move to Florida after hearing the Seinfelds bought a home in a completely sold-out retirement community. The ensuing rivalry makes the Hatfields and the McCoys look like amateur hour.

Serenity Now (season 9 episode 3),

When Frank first uttered these hallowed words Stiller probably had no clue he was coining a phrase that would become part of the lexicon. The not-so-calming mantra, and possibly the most quoted line from Frank Costanza, will live on.

RIP Jerry Stiller. Rewatch these iconic scenes and more; Seinfeld is available to stream on Hulu.