Server Caught on CCTV Accidentally Dropping Six Plates of Food Into a Bin

CCTV footage of the excruciating moment a server contrived to drop six full plates of food in a kitchen bin has surfaced online.

A clip of the jaw-dropping blunder was shared to Reddit by a user posting under the handle Stitchpool626 alongside the caption "placing a tray full of food on a dirty plastic bin."

In the video, a server can be seen carefully attempting to balance six full plates of food on her tray. However, disaster strikes when she attempts to lift the tray off the plastic bin it has been resting on.

Rather than lift the tray, the server ends up essentially tipping the entire contents into the bin resting below. In a split second, six freshly prepared meals have been ruined with the server, understandably, beside herself as a result.

Furious, the woman can be seen gesturing towards the bin before starting to step away. Suddenly she stops, looking back to reassess the mess, not so much out of hope that anything can be salvage but rather despair.

The server can then be seen with her head in her hands, walking back and forth close to where the chaos has unfolded, evidently unsure of how to fix the mess.

She kicks out at the bin, stopping to stare into the distance as another member of staff enters the frame and the footage ends.

According to the woman's t-shirt, the incident took place at a restaurant called Tubby's Tank House. Newsweek has contacted Tubby's Tank House in Thunderbolt, Georgia, to ascertain whether the footage originates from the restaurant.

Footage of the incident has gone viral on Reddit, racking up 44,700 upvotes with Redditors flocking to give their two cents on what might be going through the woman's head.

Dracoda took a cynical stance, commenting: "The way she keeps wandering back to the bin, pausing before kicking it—you just know she's wondering if there's some way she can get away with re-plating it."

Bmk37 disagreed: "She's trying to figure out how she's going to break it to the kitchen, that they have to make it again, and what kind of bulls*** excuse she'll give her table to explain the food delay. Not a fun position to be in, but it was her own doing."

Itsthejackeeeett added: "If I was already having a bad day, I'd probably just leave."

927comewhatmay commented: "It's that feeling of dread when you know you've f***ed up really bad, and you know you need to fix it yourself but you... can't."

Saladinssaladbar was among those to sympathize with the woman's plight. "F***ing up as a server is the worst," they wrote. "The cooks hate you. The customers hate you. You're making s*** hourly pay as it is and those lost tips are going to be felt throughout the week."

Handlem8 added: "Having been a server and a cook for years, I both feel her pain, feel how dumb she is and must feel, but most importantly how f***ing mad the cooks are going to be and how much she doesn't want to tell them."

The difficulties faced by restaurant servers was highlighted in a Harris Poll of 1,011 US adults, who were asked which types of workers they were most likely to tip.

Just 82 percent said they would leave a tip for restaurant waitstaff, despite the industry's reliance on payments of this kind.

The treatment of restaurant staff was thrown into further sharp focus by another recent viral story in which a waitress revealed she had received a one cent paycheck for six weeks of work.

In another recent viral video, a man took to TikTok to express his frustration after receiving a $1 tip after travelling for over an hour to a customer's door.

Two plates of food and a bin.
Stock images of a woman carrying two plates and a kitchen bin. A quite jaw-dropping viral video footage has captured the moment a server managed to drop six full plates of food in a bin. Vadym Plysiuk/GANNAMARTYSHEVA/Getty

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