Watch Seth Meyers' Epic Takedown of Donald Trump: 'He Showed Us Who He Really Is—A Lying Racist'

President Trump's unimaginable press conference Tuesday, where he again claimed that white supremacist protesters and counter-protesters were to blame for tensions in Virginia, continued to dominate the news Wednesday.

On NBC's Late Night Wednesday, comedian Seth Meyers took a closer look at the mounting controversy over Trump's comments and determined that the president has shown us "who he really is: A lying racist."

Meyers unleashed his own "fire and fury" on Trump, criticizing the commander-in-chief's reaction to the Charlottesville unrest over the weekend. On Saturday, Trump blamed "many sides," on Monday he condemned white supremacists and neo-Nazis, but by Tuesday reverted back to his first comments.

"You could just tell, ever since he was forced to make that scripted statement on Monday, Trump has been itching to tell us how he really felt," Meyers deduced, referring to Monday's tempered statement.

That response, said Meyers, came after his aides and "decent human beings everywhere had to spend two days shaming him into reading a carefully orchestrated statement saying Nazis are bad."

"You could tell it was a statement he didn't want to give by the way he rigidly read off a script," said Meyers.

But that was Monday. At Tuesday's press conference, "Trump gave away how he really felt almost immediately when he went back to defending his original Saturday statement that failed to condemn white supremacists," said Meyers.

Reacting to Trump again calling the media "fake news," Meyers borrowed a line from his friend Tina Fey's movie Mean Girls : "Oh, my God, fake news again? Get a new comeback. Stop trying to make 'fetch' happen."

Ending the segment, Meyers surmised: "Is Donald Trump a racist? I'll let you decide yes for yourselves."

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"But Trump isn't just a racist. He's also a narcissist. He defends the white nationalist movement both because he's racist and because they show up and show him love and chant his name," Meyers continued. "And his brain disease makes it impossible for him denounce anyone who supports him.

"What Tuesday showed is that Donald Trump will never change. He showed us again who he really is: A lying racist who is desperate for praise."

Meyers concluded saying, "If tomorrow, the leader of [the Islamic State group] ISIS came out and said, 'Donald Trump is great,' I am sure Trump would say this…" and then cut to an soundbite of Trump saying: "His statement was beautiful."

Watch the full segment below: