Bears Gatecrash Tennessee Pool Party

After the year we've had, we could all do with a vacation. It seems a group of black bears had the same idea recently when they descended on a chalet park in Gatlinburg, Tennessee.

In footage shot near the Great Smoky Mountains, the group of seven bear cubs can be seen invading the swimming pool area and tennis courts at Chalet Village, which bills itself as a family and honeymoon destination.

The video, posted to YouTube by Michelle Johnson on May 25, begins with one cub relaxing in the children's pool, while two more patrol a tennis court and another cools off in a separate pool.

The animals seem to be thoroughly enjoying themselves as they clamber around the leisure area in the sunshine.

Johnson can be heard saying: "They're in the tennis court, they're in the pool. Carla's really brave, she saved our food."

Next, a pair of bears can be seen thrashing around in the kids' pool, having a play fight and splashing water.

Clearly in a frisky mood, another duo down by the large swimming pool jump at each other.

The video lasts for just under 3 minutes and has so far been watched by more than 34,000 people.

The caption reads: "The JROTC swim party had a few visitors...7 bears. We were safely outside the pool area.

"Black bears in the Great Smoky Mountains are beautiful but please be respectful, keep your distance, and don't feed them."

Writing on her Facebook page, Johnson explained: "Right place at the right time I guess. The guys at Chalet Village said they had never seen so many at one time."

If her friends had wanted the bears to go away, however, perhaps they could have enlisted the help of the dog in this recent viral video.

Footage shared to TikTok by @hernameisphiladelphia shows a young black bear getting scared off a residential patio by a brave—and not particularly large—dog.

The video begins with a cub climbing onto a second-floor patio.

A woman calls out, indicating that there is more than one bear on the scene, saying: "Guys, a whole a** dog lives there, you're gonna get in trouble!"

The dog then runs on to the patio and barks at the bear, causing it to urinate in fear and try to scramble from view.

The video was posted on May 21 and has so far received more than 4 million views and 1 million likes.

A black bear cub
Stock image of a black bear cub. In a YouTube video, seven young bears held their own pool party at a Tennessee chalet park. Getty Images