Are the Kids in 'And Just Like That' the Same Child Actors From 'Sex and the City'?

And Just Like That... has landed on HBO Max, bringing Sex and the City stars Carrie, Miranda and Charlotte back onto our screens once more (without Samantha, sadly).

Other characters set to make a return alongside the fab three, portrayed by Sarah Jessica Parker, Cynthia Nixon and Kristin Davis, include their kids, who are all grown up.

Davis' Charlotte had two girls, Lily and Rose, while Nixon's Miranda had son Brady, and Parker's Carrie chose not to have children.

The characters were played by a number of child actors in both the original show and its two spin-off films, but the question is whether the same people will portray them for the new reboot.

Are the Kids From And Just Like That... Played by the Same Child Actors from Sex and the City?

Charlotte struggled with infertility issues throughout Sex and the City, learning she only had a 13% chance of falling pregnant.

When she wed her divorce lawyer Harry Goldenblatt (Evan Handler) following the breakup of her marriage with Trey MacDougal (Kyle MacLachlan), Charlotte and Harry continued to try and have children.

Charlotte fell pregnant in Season 6 but tragically miscarried, and in the series finale the couple decided to fulfil their dreams of being parents by adopting a baby girl from China named Lily.

Lily featured in the 2008 movie and its 2010 sequel, and the character was played by twins Alexandra and Parker Fong.

The Fong sisters won't be back to reprise their role in the spin-off, as the character is now being played by Cathy Ang.

In the 2008 film, Charlotte unexpectedly fell pregnant naturally and welcomed her and Harry's daughter Rose.

Rose was shown in the first movie as well as briefly in the sequel, and she was played by twins Liliana and Sabrina Pizzuto.

In And Just Like That... the character won't be played by the Pizzuto twins, and will instead by played by Alexa Swinton who has previously starred in Billions and M. Night Shyamalan's film Old.

Miranda, meanwhile, welcomed her son Brady in Season 4, Episode 18, titled "I Heart NY," and her and former flame Steve Brady (David Eigenberg) decide to co-parent after they split up.

At Brady's first birthday party Miranda and Steve decided to get back together, after realizing they still loved each other and they wed in Season 6.

Miranda and Steve's son Brady was originally played by Joseph Pupo, who kept the role from infancy all the way through both Sex and the City movies.

However, Pupo won't be returning for HBO's reboot, and the character will instead be played by Niall Cunningham.

Cunningham has previously appeared in the show Life in Pieces, and he also had a small role in Bong Joon-ho's film Okja.

The first two episodes of And Just Like That... are available to watch on HBO Max now, and the series will air weekly on Thursdays.

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Niall Cunningham plays Brady, Cathy Ang plays Lily and Alexa Swinton portrays Rose in HBO's "Sex and the City" reboot "And Just Like That"
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