Every New York Restaurant Carrie, Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte Visited in 'SATC'

Sex and the City made its highly anticipated return this week, 16 years after the series aired its season finale.

The HBO Max series reboot And Just Like That... features some major changes, from Mr. Big's exit to new characters. But one thing remains the same—and that's none other than New York City, which forms the heart and soul of the show.

Among the many iconic spots featured in the franchise are some of the Big Apple's greatest eateries. In case you couldn't help but wonder where to find these places, here we round up some of the most famous restaurants featured in the Sex and the City series and films that you can visit.

Whitney Cafe

The Sex and the City reboot kicks off with the trio running into Bitsy von Muffling at the cafe of the Whitney Museum in Manhattan's trendy Meatpacking District.

The cafe sits within the design award-winning Andrea and James Gordon Restaurant on the ground floor, offering views of the Hudson River and the High Line, the city's famed elevated walkway and park.

Designed by Renzo Piano, the Italian architect who designed The Shard in London (one of the tallest buildings in Europe), the contemporary art museum features a striking angular tiered exterior, with outdoor terraces that also serve as open-air exhibition spaces.

The Modern

The chic two Michelin-starred restaurant found in the Big Apple's Museum of Modern Art is where Carrie tells Miranda and Charlotte that she and Mr. Big are getting married in the first Sex and the City film. The news sees Charlotte squeal and announce the big news to the other guests at the restaurant.

The contemporary American restaurant overlooks the museum's beautiful sculpture garden. Known worldwide as the MoMA, the glassy Yoshio Taniguchi-designed museum in Midtown Manhattan is home to one of the world's most influential modern art collections, showcasing the works of Van Gogh, Cézanne, Matisse, Magritte, Picasso, Pollock and Warhol.


Carrie brings Ray King, the musician she met while at a jazz club with Mr. Big, to the opening night of this Asian-themed restaurant.

The upscale subterranean venue in the heart of Manhattan's Chelsea neighborhood lends a historic feel, featuring a long corridor with a dragon scale patterned screen and murals of Chinese calligraphy and other artwork on faded exposed brick walls.


This swanky restaurant also in the Meatpacking District is where the "serenity of Asia" meets 16th century Paris. It's where Carrie and Mr. Big host the rehearsal dinner for their wedding in the first Sex and the City film.

Adorned with dramatic chandeliers and otherworldly artwork, the chic restaurant is also where Miranda famously tells Mr. Big: "You two are crazy for getting married. Marriage ruins everything." Following this encounter, Mr. Big famously leaves Carrie at the altar the next day.

A still from Sex and the City.
A still from the "Sex and the City" film showing the wedding rehearsal dinner at Buddakan. HBO


Fast forward to several months after Carrie's big wedding disaster and this classic French bistro is where she and Miranda meet to spend Valentine's Day together in the first film.

Surrounded by over-the-top Valentine's Day decoration galore, this is also where Miranda fesses up to Carrie about the aforementioned encounter with Mr. Big on the eve of the wedding.

The historic Manhattan staple in the SoHo neighborhood was founded by two brothers from Alsace, France, who turned their cooking skills to fine steaks and fish.

Eleven Madison Park

Eleven Madison Park is where Carrie and Mr. Big meet to have lunch as friends for the first time and Mr. Big raves about the cobb salad, nervous to spill the beans about his engagement to Natasha.

The fine dining venue is located around the corner from the Flatiron Building, New York City landmark's striking steel-framed, triangular high-rise tower.


Located also not far from the Flatiron Building is Cafeteria, the iconic Chelsea restaurant where the four women have been frequently seen discussing everything from men to sex over brunch.

The New York City institution serves American comfort food with a twist in a modern and intimate setting.

A still from Sex and the City.
A still from "Sex and the City," showing the four women at Cafeteria. HBO

Cipriani Downtown

This glitzy Italian restaurant in Soho neighborhood of Lower Manhattan is where Charlotte spots The New York Times ad announcing the wedding of Mr. Big and Natasha.

Cipriani Downtown is a more casual take on Harry Cipriani, the elegant Fifth Avenue restaurant that's nearly identical to the historic Harry's Bar in Venice, Italy, which dates back to 1931.

Il Cantinori

Among the other Italian haunts featured in the series is Il Cantinori, the intimate restaurant specializing in Tuscan fare where Carrie ends up marking her 35th birthday alone, after Miranda, Samantha and Charlotte are unable to make the reservation time.

In the same episode, the four women later meet at a coffee shop that night, where Charlotte famously says: "Maybe we could be each other's soulmate," as Carrie expresses feeling sadness about being 35 and having no "special man" in her life.

Loeb Boathouse

This beautiful Central Park establishment offering lakeside views is where Carrie meets with Mr. Big. Trying to heed Miranda's advice to Carrie warning her not to kiss Mr. Big, Carrie tries to dodge Mr. Big who leans in to greet her with a kiss, which sees the pair fall into the lake.

The historic restaurant is the only Manhattan venue that's located on a lake. The romantic spot also offers access to rowboats, which have been drifting along the lake for 150 years, according to the restaurant, and can be rented by visitors.

A still from Sex and the City.
A still of Carrie and Mr. Big at the Loeb Boathouse in Central Park. HBO

The Grand Bar & Salon

This luxurious lounge housed in the Soho Grand Hotel is where a pregnant Miranda reveals she is having a baby boy during a charity fundraiser event organized by Richard Wright, Samantha's hotel magnate lover. This is also where Samantha finds out Richard has been sleeping with other people.

Russian Samovar

This Midtown restaurant and piano bar is where Carrie has her first date with the artist Aleksandr Petrovsky - also known as "The Russian" among the four women - at 1 a.m.

Originally owned by Jilly Rizzo, a friend of Frank Sinatra, this Midtown eatery was the go-to hot spot for Sinatra and the Rat Pack.

Today it features daily live music from a baby grand piano donated by "The Russian" himself (Mikhail Baryshnikov—the actor who plays Petrovsky in the series).

A still from Sex and the City.
A still from "Sex and the City" showing Carrie and Aleksandr Petrovsky on their first date at the Russian Samovar. HBO

The Mercer Kitchen

This chic restaurant located in Manhattan's Mercer hotel is where Miranda unpacks her plans to move out (after finding out Steve cheated on her).

The stylish SoHo fixture has become a celebrity haunt since it opened its doors in the late 1990s.

A still from Sex and the City.
A still of the women at The Mercer Kitchen in the "Sex and the City" series. HBO

Magnolia Bakery

While not a restaurant, this cupcake shop has been an iconic spot since its appearance in the series, which sees Carrie first reveal to Miranda that she has a crush on Aidan while having cupcakes on a park bench outside the shop.

Its now famous cameo has seen the venue offer "Carrie Cupcakes" as a staple on its menu.

A still from Sex and the City.
A still from "Sex and the City" featuring Miranda and Carrie outside the Magnolia Bakery. HBO

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