'Shrek Burger': School's Green Lunch on St. Patrick's Day Divides Opinion

Across the U.S. on Thursday, people donned green outfits to celebrate St. Patrick's Day, with the annual parade returning to New York while numerous rivers and canals were dyed in honor of the celebration.

March 17 commemorates the Patron Saint of Ireland, and is a popular event in America owing to the nation's deep Irish roots and connections.

And it seems schools also tried to get into the Irish spirit, as one student shared a snap of the green-tinged food served at their cafeteria.

Pupil Dcannon1002009 shared a series of posts to Reddit, revealing a greenish cookie, a green burger, and sandwich on their lunch tray.

They posted a selection of snaps of the meal to various forums, with one, uploaded to Mildly Infuriating, amassing more than 30,000 upvotes since being shared on Thursday.

"My school thinks they are cool on saint Patrick's day," they captioned one set of photos.

The high schooler referenced the animated ogre in the eponymous film, voiced by Mike Myers, who's a fetching shade of green, as is his wife, Fiona, voiced by Camera Diaz, in her non-princess form.

"Didn't word the title correctly. I loved the effort, it made me laugh and made my day brighter. It just looks like the SpongeBob pretty patty. And it tasted like a dry roll. I think they should make this a weekly menu item: the Shrek burger," they clarified in the comments.

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The teenager also shared a few more opinions in their other posts, saying: "Thanks, I hate school lunch on Saint Patrick's Day," and "To make the high school kids happy in the cafeteria on Saint Patrick's Day."

Another image was captioned: "Made me chuckle and throw up in my mouth at the high school cafeteria on Saint Patrick's Day."

While they again referenced an animation in comparison with the food, saying: "Looks like SpongeBob pretty patty. 'That things green! GREEEEN!!'"

However, numerous Redditors thought that while it probably wasn't the most appetizing meal, at least the staff had tried.

Although, it was generally agreed the food did resemble the green Pretty Patties in the animated TV show SpongeBob SquarePants.

Rancid_BlueCheese thought: "Reminds me of one of that SpongeBob episode."

SketchyLeaf666 chimed in: "Looks like those Krabby patty spongebob made using different funny colors."

Crafty-Ambassador779 agreed, saying: "Pretty patties." While AnarchyInBlue asked: "That the burger that killed the health inspector in SpongeBob?"

While Theefootgoddess comeneted: "I mean it looks gross but at least they have the spirit and tried at least."

Dannyjimmerado wrote: "I'm glad the wholesome side of this is top comment. While it looks terrible just the thought they put into it means something."

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FaithlessnessNo9625 joked: "Plot twist: that ain't food dye."

Others also thought the student was too harsh, as Tocamix90 wrote: "They tried, I think it's sweet."

7avo_5ka pointed out: "Seriously. They're not making any extra money for that extra effort." Swiftfastjudgement said: "Right. Nothing wrong with trying to spice up mundane lunch. Kids these days."

SoulQuest11 reckoned: "I agree! And they did a good job, I love seeing people embracing the holiday spirit."

I_play_withrocks thought: "Agreed, give the lunch staff some credit, they are trying to make your day better in a small way."

While Beansff added: "He or she thinks he's cool to call it cringe. It's a teenage thing. Been there."

Thursday's parade in the Big Apple was the first since 2019, after the annual St. Patrick's Day event was cancelled in 2020 and 2021 due to COVID-19. The long-standing tradition first started in 1762.

While waterways were dyed green across the country for the festivities, none is more popularized than Chicago's river, which has been dyed since 1962.

Meanwhile, President Joe Biden spoke at the Annual Friends of Ireland Luncheon, hosted by Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Biden chatted about his own Irish roots, saying: "I'm the proud son of Catherine Eugenia Finnegan Biden. And like so many Americans of Irish heritage, I love Ireland and I was raised in a circumstance where you would have thought my whole family ... all lived in Ireland the last 60 years."

The Irish Prime Minister, Taoiseach Micheál Martin, is in Washington and was due to meet with Biden, but tested positive for COVID-19. He met virtually with the president instead, as he isolates in The Blair House, in the capital.

"Last year, we met virtually across the Atlantic. This year, we're meeting virtually across the road, so we're getting closer," he joked, as quoted by ABC.

The Chicago river dyed green.
The Chicago river dyed green for St Patrick's day, in 2021. The city first started the tradition in 1962. Scott Olson/Getty Images