Sibling Backed for Labeling Sister Obnoxious Over 'Hypothetical Pregnancy'

One woman's reaction to her sister's "hypothetical pregnancy" supported online after confessing that she was "sick" of hearing her talk about trying for a baby.

Taking to Subreddit "Am I the A**Hole," she asked the internet for their views on her dilemma, explaining that her sister had been trying to get pregnant for the past year. According to the woman, the sister often talks about how she could be pregnant and has "been kind of obnoxious about it."

She explained that she'll often hear phrases like "no wine for me, I might be pregnant," or "I miss sushi, but I have to abstain because I might be pregnant."

"Last night, I told her about an upcoming trip I have with my boyfriend and some friends. We're going river rafting, which I've never done before and was excited about. She jumped in with 'I'd love to try that too, but I can't because I might be pregnant,'" wrote the woman online, expressing her frustrations.

Negative pregnancy test
Stock image of a negative pregnancy test. One woman on Reddit is "sick" of hearing about her sister's "hypothetical pregnancy." Getty Images

"I got annoyed," she continued. "Because we were talking about me for once and she found a way to make it about her hypothetical pregnancy again."

She responded telling the sister that she wouldn't be invited anyway, and added that she is "sick" of hearing about the hypothetical pregnancy, dubbing it "[Schrodinger's] pregnancy."

A study published in the British Medical Journal (BMJ) found that 30 percent of couples conceive within the first month of trying, while 90 percent conceive within the first year and 95 percent within two years.

But, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 6.1 million women in the U.S. experience difficulty falling pregnant every year, so the sister's constant talk and worry is not surprising.

This can could explain why many Reddit users were left split by the woman's reaction to the situation, weighing up the sister's experience with pregnancy into the equation.

"If she is actively trying to get pregnant, avoiding alcohol and sushi is a good idea, as she might in fact be pregnant," advised one user. "It is a bit weird to keep saying it though, but it's not hurting anyone. I get it's annoying, though so I wouldn't say you're an a**hole for snapping at her."

Another agreed, sympathizing with the sister even further, writing: "She is being annoying, yes, but it is probably coming from a place of fear and sadness about not getting pregnant quickly. She is trying to sort of speak it into existence; and could use some grace right now. "

"Trying to get pregnant is all-encompassing at times. It's basically going from period to thinking about when you're ovulating to thinking you might be pregnant but it's too early to test, to having tested negative but thinking you still might be pregnant if you took the test too early, then back to the grief of your next period. Until I did it I had no idea how awful it would be TBH, there's not really much down time in a month where you're not thinking about it," added another Reddit user.

"Sister is definitely being obnoxious about it, but I do have some sympathy for her."

Despite hesitations however, the overall ruling was that the poster was "not the a**hole" and users sided with the angry sister, citing the constant irritation that comes with enduring repetitive conversations about someone.

"She needs a hobby and to stop trying to make every conversation about her," argued one user.

Another user even suggested to: "go to the dollar tree, buy a bunch of pregnancy tests and every time she says "she might be pregnant", hand her a test."

Newsweek has contacted the Reddit poster for comment.

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