Sister Slammed for Insisting 'Cheating Pig' Brother Pays for Her Education

The internet has called out a man's sister after she called him a "cheating pig" but still wants him to help her pay for her education in a new viral post.

Submitted to Reddit's infamous r/AmITheA**hole forum, a man under the username u/notpayforcollege shared his story to the community to see if he was truly in the wrong for not wanting to help pay for his sister's college tuition. The popular post has 7,000 upvotes and 1,000 comments.

The Redditor began his story by explaining that his wife passed away due to cancer at the beginning of 2019. About a year later, he got into an unexpected relationship with one of his friends he has known for years. Almost two years into their relationship, they kept it from their families except for their parents and some friends.

Recently, they decided to tell more people as they were expecting their first child and it was late enough in the pregnancy to announce.

Brother not paying for sisters education
The internet has defended a man who told his sister he would not continue to help pay for her education in a new post going viral on Reddit. Jupiterimages/The Image Bank

He wrote: "My sister (26f) was home from college when we made the announcement after we got together at our parents place. She was openly against the whole thing right away. 'How could I do this to my wife' 'didn't I care about her', and she's so disgusted to be related to a brother like me who would 'cheat' on his sick wife. Stuff that didn't even happen.

"Then she asked us how would our kid feel when they find out they're an affair child. My dad got really mad at her. He told her to leave if she can't act civil so that's what she did. It was super unsettling for me but I thought okay it was probably from shock. After that she hasn't stopped telling me things. Mostly how shameful she feels to have a brother who would make a new life with someone else after losing my wife." he continued.

He reiterated that there was never any unfaithfulness when he was married. He said that he gave her some time to "cool down" and recently asked if the two of them could sit down and talk. She told him that she doesn't "associate with cheating pigs."

To help out his sister, he has been helping pay for her college so she could work part-time and go to school full-time to reach her goal of getting a BA. He reminded her that she probably wouldn't want to be associated with his money either.

Many students take out loans to pay for their education. According to CNBC, there is an estimated $1.7 trillion owed in student loans.

"That's where it seems I'm an a**hole because it affects my sister's education over petty words at least according to my mom. Even my sister says I'm beyond low because now I'm trying to punish her for speaking the truth knowing how much this would set her back if she can't pay for her classes on her own. Which means she'd need a full time job again and then would make it take longer to complete her BA," she said.

He argued that if she is uncomfortable being around him, then why should he have to pay for her education?

Other Redditors were quick to comment in defense of the original poster (OP).

"[Not the A**hole]," u/pay_student_loan wrote, receiving the top comment with over 13,000 upvotes, "So big of her to be so against you but still want your money. Shows just where her true feelings are."

"[Not the A**hole]. This is an excellent educational moment for your sister to learn how favors work," u/dunemi exclaimed.

"[Not the A**hole]. Your sister is a garbage person. Sorry, that's a harsh thing to say. But she's seriously abusing you, and using your late wife's memory to do it. You don't owe her anything. She should have thought about what she wanted from you before deciding to be so cruel," u/sparkledotcom explained.

U/PatsyWalker1 wrote: "[Not the A**hole] Your late wife would've wanted you to find happiness after her, she wouldn't have wanted you to be sad. You found a new partner and that's wonderful (congrats btw!) . You didn't cheat, everyone but your sister knows that to be true. She said she didn't want to be associated with you and your money is what was getting her through college faster."

"I don't think it was an a**hole move to stop helping her with payments, she did say she didn't want to associate with you, she can't just pick and choose what types of associations are fine. It's YOUR money, you never had an obligation to pay for her schooling. Put that money into a new account for your baby," they continued.

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