Sleeping Cat in Man's Robe Delights Internet in Viral Photo: 'So Adorable'

A ginger cat sleeping in its owner's robe is melting hearts on the internet after being left by the man's ex because the cat "was mean."

The viral Reddit post is titled, "Ex left the cat because it was mean. Look at this absolute monster sleeping in my robe this morning," and it has garnered a lot of reactions along with the photo.

The post, which was shared to the subreddit "Cats," has been upvoted 9,500 times since it was shared on March 5 by u/barrelsofmeat.

The image showed the Redditor from the nose down wearing a blue robe with his ginger cat tucked inside with its eyes closed. The cat looked pretty cozy and content in the arms of its owner. One side of the robe was draped over the furry feline who rested its arms on its owner's arm.

Cat under blanket
A sleeping cat in a man's robe has delighted the internet in a viral photo. Here, a cat lying under a blanket. AKSENOVKO/GETTY

According to Statista, 45.3 million households owned a cat in the United States as of 2021. Households that owned a dog amounted to 69 million in total.

Over 200 people commented on the post, and people seemed to appreciate the connection the man and the cat share, while some are fixated on the Redditor's title about their ex-partner.

Some viewers had comments about the man's ex compared to the cat. "I wonder if, in fact, the ex was the mean one," a Redditor suggested. The original poster (OP) wrote back, "Well they didn't always have the best chemistry, that's for sure."

A Redditor thought it all worked out how it was supposed to. "Looks like a happy ending all around," they said.

While some viewers had thoughts on the cat after reading the title. "Cats return love when they feel it, but when they don't, they will not fake having it," a viewer said.

Some people had comments like, "How could an innocent animal be mean?" Another called the cat, "so adorable."

One viewer admitted they "can practically hear the purring...Looks like you won the breakup. Beautiful animal."

Another Redditor thought the ex served their purpose in the end, which "was for you and the cat to find each other."

A user joked by calling the cat a "monster," insisting it's "beautiful." They also added, "Thank goodness your ex is your ex. I couldn't abandon such a heartthrob. Now you two are happy and that's what matters."

Other comments of approval included statements like, "You won the lottery my man," and "I think it feels safe in your arm, how adorable."

Newsweek reached out to u/barrelsofmeat for comment.