'Good Boy' Dog Takes Self for Walk on Treadmill in Resurfaced Viral Video

A recently resurfaced video that showed a golden retriever walking on an outdoor treadmill was shared to Reddit's "Aww" forum and has gone viral once again.

Since Reddit user u/Chasith posted the video, titled, "A good boy taking himself for a walk while it's raining," it has received more than 70,000 votes and more than 300 comments.

The video may date back to 2018, and it has been shared on a few separate occasions.

The pup's neighbor appeared to have filmed the video from the other side of the property's fenceline. As the camera zoomed in, it showed the dog trotting on a treadmill that was placed just outside of the house.

The person filmed let out a laugh as the dog glanced around and continued to jog.

Although it's much more common for pet owners to take their dog out for a walk in parks or around their neighborhood, the American Kennel Club said a treadmill can be used to exercise dogs.

"A treadmill is a great way to exercise your dog when the weather is nasty," a piece from the organization stated.

Pamela Johnson, a certified professional dog trainer, told the agency she used a treadmill as a resource for her dogs when they were injured.

Owners who want to have their dogs walk on a treadmill are advised to train them to get used to it and to build a "positive association" with one.

This involves training the dog how to get on and off the treadmill, allowing them to get used to the sounds of turning the motor on and turning the treadmill on at a slow speed.

If a pet owner notices that their dog enjoys walking on the treadmill, they may even consider purchasing a treadmill specifically for dogs.

Some differences of a dog walking on a treadmill compared to outside include it being more physically demanding because there is no stopping to sniff and there is no mental stimulation if the dog is not outside looking at what is around them.

Treadmill Dog
A video that once went viral has been reuploaded and is gaining attention on Reddit once again. Here, a dog walks on a treadmill at the Alforme animal re-education center of the National Veterinary Academy. THOMAS SAMSON/Getty Images

Plenty of commenters shared their appreciation for the resurfaced viral video.

"Now there's a puppy mill I can support," u/wild_man_wizard wrote.

"I can hear the literal 'wuddup' from the retriever when he sees the camera at the end," u/pixel8knuckle commented.

Some wrote about what it is like to go for a walk with their own dogs.

"I'm pretty sure my dog doesn't really care about the actual walking part of our walks, he just wants to sniff some garbage and bark at rocks," u/CeeArthur commented.

"Quite often I take my dog for a 'walk,' for it to turn into her digging for an hour with me standing there like an idiot," u/Mesmerise wrote. "Then it's home for a shower and snacks. For both of us."