Small Investors Vow To 'Hold the Line' Against Wall Street, Share Memes and Jokes

As Reddit users go head-to-head with Wall Street investors over GameStop and AMC stock, small investors are sharing jokes and memes to encourage each other to "hold the line" until the stock market opens later today.

The r/WallStreetBets subreddit has disrupted short-sellers by investing in GameStop (GME), causing the retailer's stocks to soar. Billionaire Elon Musk has shared a link to the Reddit forum on Twitter, simply saying "Gamestonk!!"

Investment firms Citron Research and Melvin Capital bet that GameStop's stocks would fall and bought stocks with the hopes of short-selling them later.

"Short-selling" involves borrowing overpriced stock from a stockbroker and selling it on, before buying it back at a lower price, returning the stock to the stockbroker, and netting the profit.

Reddit users disrupted this process by investing in GameStop, which meant that the stock did not fall as the Wall Street investors expected, but instead increased.

But when the Reddit community forum became private and invitation-only after being blocked by chatting app Discord, GameStop's shares fell by 20 percent. Discord said it closed the forum for violating its rules, rather than for how it was seeming to impact the stock market.

The fall in shares shortly after the Reddit forum closed demonstrated the role it has played in the massive GameStop stock value increase.

Now, small investors are urging each other to "hold the line" against Wall Street until the market opens, with many sharing memes and jokes on Twitter to keep the momentum going.

Twitter user @x_peacedove reacted to seeing small investors encourage each other on Twitter by sharing a meme that usually shows a man smiling before looking shocked, but flipped the image order around and said: "*sees HOLD THE LINE trending* / *realizes why HOLD THE LINE is trending*"

*sees HOLD THE LINE trending* / *realizes why HOLD THE LINE is trending*

— peace dove (@x_peacedove) January 28, 2021

The phrase "to the moon" is also being used as a rallying cry among the small investors, like @Jovani_Barraza, who said: "Please save $AMC I need my shares to go to the moon. Think about watching Monke vs. Godzilla on the big screen once normalcy is back. #SaveAMC" and shared an image of an AMC movie theatre on the moon.

Please save $AMC I need my shares to go to the moon ๐Ÿš€๐Ÿš€๐Ÿš€๐Ÿš€

Think about watching Monke vs. Godzilla on the big screen once normalcy is back. #SaveAMC

— Jovani Barraza (@Jovani_Barraza) January 27, 2021

@Eliopdagod on Twitter made a similar joke and said: "Good luck out there today men. Hold the line." and shared an image of a GameStop store on the moon.

Good luck out there today men. Hold the line. $GME

— eli (@eliopdagod) January 26, 2021

Twitter user @markymark1124 said: "reddit > hedge fund/we ain't leaving!!!!" and shared a gif of Leonardo DiCaprio and Matthew McConaughey in the movie The Wolf of Wall Street.

reddit > hedge fund

we ain't leaving!!!! #HoldTheLine

— Mark Davenport (@markymark1124) January 28, 2021

@AMetsFan on Twitter said: "To the moon!! Buy $AMC" and shared a clip from the movie Independence Day where the character President Thomas J. Whitmore rallies the troops.

However, the subtitles have been edited to fit the GameStop situation with quotes including: "Today we will be launching the largest fight against the suits in the history of mankind."

To the moon!! ๐Ÿš€ Buy $AMC

— Mets Fan (@AMetsFan) January 28, 2021
A GameStop video game store in Middletown, DE, on July 26, 2019. GameStop's stocks have soared as Reddit users disrupted investors from short-selling the stock. Jim Watson/Getty