Smart Dog Not Falling for Ice Cream Prank Has Internet in Stitches

A video of a dog refusing to be outsmarted with a frozen vegetable block on a stick disguised as ice cream has gone viral on TikTok.

The footage shared by user meenehanlamie, which has received over 455,000 views, shows a dog sitting at the edge of a coffee table laid out with some packets of ice cream. As three people sitting at the table open the packets and start eating the ice cream, a caption overlaid on the video reads: "Where's mine? Come on, give it to me," as the dog places one of its paws on the table.

Then a person reaches into one of the packets—which appeared had been opened previously—and pulls out a green-colored ice cream block on a stick and offers it to the dog.

While the dog gives it one quick whiff, the caption reads: "What's this?" and the pet is seen barking as the caption says: "What do you mean? Why am I a vegetable?," before the video ends.

According to a study published in July 2021 in the peer-reviewed PLOS One journal, "domestic dogs have been shown to reciprocate help received from conspecifics in food-giving tasks. However, it is not yet known whether dogs also reciprocate help received from humans."

The results of the study also suggested that it's possible that "dogs are simply not prosocial towards humans in food-giving contexts."

Several other TikTok users have shown a lot of love for the "smart" and "hilarious" dog, which has had many of them in stitches.

User elvismemeti338 said: "smart dog [floating hearts across face emoji]," while stojkazdravkova wrote: "omg [oh my god] so smart dog [repeated crying laughing emojis]."

Another user, riyaranya787, said: "Lover her so much smart baby [black heart, floating hearts across face and crying/laughing emojis]."

renegontika1 René wrote: "ha ha ha this adorable doggo is hilarious [paw prints, crying/laughing, tongue out crazy eyes, heart-shaped eyes face emojis]."

Joseph Onyeacholem said: "Lol [grinning emoji] love this dog [red heart]."

Chongkuk Daniel Kim noted: "BUT DARL [darling] VEGES [vegetables] ARE GOOD FOR YOU!!! [repeated crying/laughing and floating hearts across face emojis]."

User tony108310 suggested: "Now give her her real one she passed the test [three smiley face emojis]."

Andrea_Audrey80 wrote: "The way he sit [just] so human [repeated crying/laughing and floating hearts across face emojis]."

User James Bond also said they: "Love her facial expressions [repeated crying/laughing and floating hearts across face emojis] I want to have this doggie [dog emoji]."

Dog looking at ice cream cone.
A dog under a table looking up at a person's hand holding an ice cream cone. iStock/Getty Images Plus