'Super Smash Bros. Ultimate' Single Player: 'Spirits' May Be the Mysterious Game Mode

The Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Nintendo Direct on Aug. 8 revealed a ton of new information on the fighting game, but director Masahiro Sakurai left a huge mystery for fans to speculate about.

One of the game modes in Ultimate's Start Menu was blurred out, and Sakurai said he would provide further details at a later date. However, some fans have taken it upon themselves to figure out what the new game mode is.

super smash bros ultimate luigi death spirit
Luigi had his soul stripped from his body in a 'Super Smash Bros. Ultimate' reveal trailer Nintendo

After some digital reconstruction of the Japanese and English Directs, Twitter user I'attardé may have deciphered the name of this new game mode. According to I'attardé, the Japanese Direct showed katakana that translates to "Spirits," and the English Direct also read "Spirits."

frame by frame, the pixelated green thing in #SmashBrosDirect says "Spirits". @GameXplain pic.twitter.com/fZKN0nYmIC

— Lattie (@Lattie9001) August 8, 2018

So what does Spirits mean in the context of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate? We speculated before the Direct about a new single-player story mode, and Spirits could be just that. Fans have speculated that Spirits refers to the deaths of multiple characters shown in the Simon Belmont and Ridley reveal trailers, predicting that players will need to recover the spirits of dead fighters in this mode.

While retrieving the souls of dead comrades may seem a bit dark for Nintendo, the company showed Luigi getting his spirit ripped out of his body by a ghoul from Castlevania and had to assure people that the character was O.K., so this sort of single-player mode doesn't seem as unlikely as it once did.

Sakurai promised fans that more information will be revealed before the game's release, including the full roster, so it's only a matter of time.

King K. Rool, Simon Belmont and the Echo Fighters, Dark Samus, Chrom and Richter Belmont were revealed as playable characters during the Aug. 8 Nintendo Direct. Most of the stages from past games were also confirmed, as well as changes to gameplay.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate will release Dec. 7.

What do you think Spirits mode will be in Super Smash Bros Ultimate? Do you think the new game mode is something completely different? Let us know in the comments section below.