'Smash Ultimate' Terry Bogard Release Date and Specials Revealed

After weeks of speculation, Terry Bogard from the Fatal Fury series is coming to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate on November 6.

The announcement came during a special 45-minute livestream featuring Smash Ultimate producer Masahiro Sakurai. He went through many of Terry's moves and what will be included when the next Smash Ultimate update arrives.

You can catch the stream below, but here's a rundown of what was revealed and announced.

smash ultimate terry bogard victory pose


Terry Bogard is a unique character in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. One quirk of Terry's is that he automatically faces the opponent no matter where he is on the stage.

He has neutral punch and kick attacks along with his various throws, but what makes Terry unique are his special attacks. Many of his specials have two variations, a weak and strong version.

Inputting a special quickly normally creates a weak version, but if you charge a special a little it'll become a stronger version.

Terry's neutral special is his Power Wave. Charging it increases its strength and speed. The up special is a corkscrew kick that, when charged, makes Terry invulnerable at the start of the move. You can also use this move to recover.

The side special is called Burning Knuckle, which has Terry launch a dashing punch at his opponent. If you do the Hadoken input, Terry will launch a more powerful version.

A first in the Smash series, Terry also has a back special called Crack Shot. Similar to Burning Knuckle, performing a command input - in this case a reverse Hadoken - will unleash a more powerful version. It can be used as an anti-air attack, but using it in the wrong direction might also send you flying off the stage..

Terry's down special is Power Dunk. This move has Bogard launch a rising attack before punching down on the opponent. This can be used as a meteor attack if you're close to the edge.

If Terry's health goes above 100 percent or less than 30 percent in stamina battles, a "Go" symbol will appear. This increases Terry's neutral special if a command input is used. The Power Geyser input is down, rotate back and then rotate forward.


This stage has its edges walled off. To KO an opponent, hit them to the wall. If the opponent's health percentage is high enough, they'll go through the wall for a KO.

There are also various cameos from Fatal Fury/King of Fighter characters that will appear in the background of the stage.

smash ultimate mii fighters snk


New Mii Fighter costumes featuring characters from classic SNK games will be included starting November 6 for 75 cents each.


Chrom, Incineroar and Simon Belmont amiibo release November 15


You can send messages in the battle arena. The player who created the arena can change the rules. You can now make "Elite Only" as a prerequisite.

Players will also be able to join arenas in quickplay. The full patch notes will release with the update later today, and we'll update this section with all the new additions and fighter adjustments.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is available now for Nintendo Switch.

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