'Snakes on a Bus': Large Reptile Spotted Slithering on Floor of Vehicle

A bus operator in Canada was surprised to find a large snake aboard one of his vehicles during some routine maintenance work.

Michael Hathaway, of Mountain Man Mike's, took to Facebook to share news of his discovery.

In a series of pictures posted to the bus company's social media pages, a large orange-and-white snake can be seen protruding from a series of vents on the floor of the vehicle.

"We have all heard of Snakes On A Plane but Snakes On A Bus may be a first," the caption reads.

According to the Facebook post, the snake was found aboard a bus that travels between Vancouver and Kaslo, on July 29.

They suspect it was most likely left behind by an absent-minded owner and have appealed for the snake owner to get in touch, adding that the eye-catching reptile is "safe and sound."

In a follow-up post, the intercity bus company confirmed that the snake has been identified as a corn snake, a common breed in North America.

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Though they share some similarities with venomous copperheads, corn snakes are not venomous and are largely harmless.

Corn snakes rarely bite humans even in instances where they might be frightened or hurt.

Snakes of this kind are commonly sold in pet stores, leading Hathaway to suspect it may have been left on his bus by a forgetful snake owner.

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No owner has yet come forward to claim the snake—but there is a home ready and waiting for her if she needs it.

"If not claimed she will become part of our family," Hathaway said.

"Kids already named it and are arguing over whose room she gets to stay in lol."

Hathaway told CBC News he initially thought the snake was a discarded toy when he saw it sticking out of a heater on the bus.

"At first, I thought someone had left it as a joke," he told the news outlet.

A corn snake on a bus.
The large corn snake was found protruding from a heater on the bus. Mountain Man Mike's/Facebook

He was initially worried for the animal's well-being, given that it had been stuck aboard the bus for an extended period in sweltering conditions.

"The bus was parked in a parking lot for around 16 hours with all the windows sealed, so it was about 120 F in that bus," Hathaway explained.

With the help of a local snake expert, he was able to put together a make-shift enclosure for the reptile who is now being treated to a steady diet of mice and water.

While some might have been left a little shaken by this kind of discovery, Hathaway revealed he has actually seen far worse.

"I actually had a bear on the bus one time," he told CBC.

"I was in the shop, heard a bang, came outside to see a bear had gotten onto the bus and was eating garbage out of the garbage can."

Newsweek has reached out to Michael Hathaway for comment.