Woman With 'Snake Plague' at Home Shares Video of Venomous Reptile's Carnage

A woman has filmed the stunning moment she walked into her living room to find it in disarray, with the culprit revealed to be an intruding red-bellied black snake.

Sarah Kirkman, a TikToker from Australia, says in the video that she came home to find a mess on her living room floor. She then challenged viewers to spot the culprit, zooming in on a red-bellied snake atop her TV.

"I love being an Aussie," said Kirkman as she allowed the video's viewers to get a good look at the snake basking in the sunlight streaming through a window located by the TV.

The video, which was posted on Sunday, has been viewed over 295,000 times.

Kirkman said she is no stranger to the snakes invading her home. Commenting on the short video, she said that this is the fourth snake she has found in her home this month. She said: "It's official, I have a snake plague.

"Just two days ago I walked into my laundry and heard a loud hissing sound, looked down, and found another red belly at my feet."

Kirkman removed the snake from her home with the help of a neighbor after she called a snake removal expert and discovered that they were away on holiday. The Tiktoker said she couldn't wait for professional help as she felt the snake was a risk to get pets.

Red-bellied black snakes are a venomous species of snake indigenous to Australia that grow up to about 4 feet in length. They are the most common form of snake encountered in the country's eastern region.

The bite of a red-bellied black snake can cause significant illness, with the venom known to contain neurotoxins and other harmful components. Victims of a red-bellied snake bite can also lose their sense of smell.

There are no human recorded deaths attributed to red-bellied snakes, and the species tend not to be particularly aggressive.

WIRES, a wildlife rescue organization based in Australia, advises against what Kirkman did should you encounter a snake in your home.

"Do not approach the snake or try to contain it yourself," the organization writes on its website. "If you stay well away from the snake it presents no immediate danger.

"While many snakes are not venomous please keep children and pets away from snakes at all times."

The organisations states that after isolating the snake in a room and placing towels at the base of closed doors you should call a local snake removal expert.

Commenting on Kirkman's video one TikTok user had slightly more extreme advice: "Close the door behind you, that's the snake's house now."

Red-bellied black snake
A stock photo of a red-bellied black snake. A TikTok user filmed the carnage created in her home by an intruding snake. sjallenphotography/Getty