Family Finds Snake Wrapped Around Car Mirror: 'Forget Fluffy Dice'

A family in Australia found a four-foot snake wrapped around the rear view mirror of their car after returning from a picnic on Sunday.

Images of the coastal carpet python were shared online by Joshua Castle, whose snake catching business was called in to remove the reptile from the vehicle.

Castle, from Josh's Snake Catching and Relocation in north Brisbane, posted the pictures to his Facebook page. "Forget fluffy dice!" he wrote. "Only in Australia would you come back to your car to see a coastal carpet python wrapped around the mirror.

"A family left their window slightly opened while enjoying a family picnic to keep the car cool! They came back to this! How Aussie is this."

In Australia, the spring months mark mating season for snakes, with males and females searching out one another. As the breeding season comes to an end, there tends to be an increase in snake activity.

Castle told Newsweek they are finding a lot more snakes now mating season has finished.

He said the snake would not have gone into the car on purpose and it was just an opportunity as the window was down. The snake was captured and then released within six miles of the location it was found, he said.

Castle told that he had never seen a snake wrapped around a car mirror before.

"I have pulled them out of car bonnets and stuff like that, which is more to be expected because they can get into a bonnet from underneath," he told the website.

Carpet pythons can grow to around 10 feet in length. They are found across northern, eastern and southern Australia. They are not venomous, and kill their prey with constriction. They tend to feed on frogs, lizards, birds and mammals.

Castle's snake identification page says one in three households has a carpet python somewhere on the premises. "They have roughly 80 razor sharp needle like teeth," it says. "They will eat anything with fur or feathers."

The presence of coastal carpet pythons was highlighted by Castle in another Facebook post from Saturday.

A family had found a huge carpet python on top of their guinea pig cage, looking for a tasty snack: "He was lining up the Guinea Pigs for breakfast!" Castle wrote.

A third coastal carpet python was found behind a family's television unit, while a fourth was caught heading under a family's decking area on Monday.