'Space Force': All the Clues About Why the Mom is in Jail and What Lisa Kudrow's Character Did

Space Force has a big surprise right at its start when Maggie Naird (played by Lisa Kudrow) goes from living a happy life in Washington, D.C. to being in prison somewhere in Colorado. The show never reveals what crime she committed to end up in jail, but fans have been combing the Netflix series for clues.

According to Space Force's creator, why the mom of the Naird family is in prison is meant to be a mystery. Greg Daniels told The Wrap: "At the moment, we're kind of enjoying the mystery around it and the question marks that it raises. It causes you to lean in because we're dropping little hints about what it is and how serious it was. So we're enjoying not being specific at the moment. You didn't miss anything. It's not in there... It was pretty serious, clearly."

Among the "little hints" that fans get in Season 1 of the Netflix show is that Maggie is serving a sentence of 40-60 years for a serious crime.

maggie jail space force
'Space Force' sees Maggie Naird (Lisa Kudrow) in jail for an unspecified crime Netflix

Fans have taken these scraps of information and started to spin some theories. Writing on the Space Force Reddit, for example, one speculated: "My guess is that she's a doctor who prescribed too much opioids, or perhaps she was engaged in some financial crimes.

"Think about it, she's married to a 4-star [general]. It can't be murder or something violent, otherwise the family won't love her as much; it can't be espionage (treason), otherwise Naird would be done for good; it can't be rape, otherwise the marriage would fall apart.

"And it seems that she's perfectly fine with the punishment, therefore it can't be a set-up."

Though those are crimes that certainly would come with hefty jail times, having Maggie as a major player in the nation's opioid epidemic might be more suited to a Netflix true crime series like The Pharmacist rather than the light, comic tone of Space Force.

Another user might be closer to discovering Maggie's crime. They wrote: "My guess is treason or trading state secrets. 40 years is a really specific and serious time to do without murdering people."

Another user added: "I just assumed that it was a joke about putting people who know too much in jail. Like how Naird [Steve Carrell] brought that gas station store guy with him in the trunk for asking about something confidential."

Having Maggie as the unintentional revealer of state secrets would be a perfect fit for the world of Space Force, which spends much of its time mocking the American institutions of state and their head, an unnamed president with certain Trumpian properties.

One Reddit user theorised that we may never find out what Maggie did to end up incarcerated. They wrote: "I'm gonna guess it's going to be a mystery for ever in this series, like Penny's last name in BBT [Big Bang Theory]," or, as another user added, "The Waitress's name in It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia."

Space Force is streaming now on Netflix.