'Spinning Out' Filming Locations: Where Is the Netflix Series Filmed and Set?

The first episode of Spinning Out, Netflix's new figure skating drama, sets up the location of the show with its title, "Now Entering Sun Valley," and an early shot of a town sign telling us we are in the Hawkley, Idaho.

Although the series is set in the Pacific Northwest of the United States, the show, like many American TV shows before, it is actually filmed in Canada, or Ontario specifically.

Filming for the show took place from January to May in and around Toronto, with the series' Pinecrest Ski Resort, where Kat (played by Kaya Scodelario) and the rest of the series' young skaters train, actually Ontario's Blue Mountain Village ski resort.

Scodelario and the rest of the Spinning Out cast shared a number of Instagram pictures during production that reveal some of the real-life locations seen in the Netflix show.

spinning out netflix filming locations
"Spinning Out" on Netflix was mostly filmed in Canada Netflix

However, not all of the Pinecrest scenes were filmed at Blue Mountain Village. The actual ice rink where much of the show's drama takes place, called the Pinecrest Ice Arena in Spinning Out, is actually the Teen Ranch Ice Corral in the Orangeville area of Ontario.

In March, Scodelario posted a picture from the location to her Instagram, captioned: "Another day in the rink with @eroderickanderson & @svetlanaefremova5213 plus our incredible Canadian crew on @spinningoutnetflix"

The Crawl actress also reposted a video from director Matt Hastings, which shows the special on-ice cameras used to capture sequences of the series' figure skaters dancing on the ice. She captioned it: "Director @mattdirector letting you into some TV magic secrets ✨❄️ @spinningoutnetflix"

According to Bustle, one location did get to keep its real name on the show. In Episode 3, Kat and Justin (Evan Roderick) bond over meatloaf in a diner named Wally's Restaurant. This is a real diner found in Mississauga, Canada. Fellow Netflix shows like The Umbrella Academy and Black Mirror have also filmed in the town.

However, the Netflix show's makers chose Idaho and Utah as the show's setting over Canada as the states are where many young figure skaters actually live so as to take advantage of the Olympic-standard facilities in Utah, built for the 2002 Salt Lake City Winter Olympics.

Speaking to HollywoodLife about filming the series, Scodelario said, "Then when I got to Canada, we had three weeks pre-production and a really intense skating schedule. We'd do four to six hours a day in the ice rink with coach Sarah Kawahara, who's incredible. She did I, Tonya and Blades of Glory. She's kind of the go-to person for that."

According to the actress, this training took its toll: "We did a lot of training leading up. I actually collapsed the arch in my heel during training because I have hypermobile joints and I didn't know because we were doing so many hours and I was pushing myself so much that my mindset was just like, 'What are you doing? This isn't normal.'"

Spinning Out is on Netflix now.