'Splatoon' News Coming June 9 Could 'Shock the World'

Ahead of Nintendo's E3 2018 presentation, a major announcement for the Splatoon franchise may be on the horizon. According to Ryokuta, a Japanese blog with a good track record of leaking Nintendo information, the latest Weekly Shonen Jump will have the news when it drops on June 9.

Ryokuta, whose correctly leaked the existence of Yo-Kai Watch 4 in Japan, says that the Splatoon news will "shock the world."

June 9 is the Saturday before E3 2018 begins, and three days before Nintendo's presentation on June 12, so the upcoming announcement may not have anything to do with the upcoming Octo Expansion or its release date. Nintendo will likely save it for its presentation.

So what can this Splatoon news be about? There's already a Splatoon manga available, so perhaps there will be an anime series based on the franchise. A mobile game is another possibility or, less likely, Splatoon 3 might already be in the works. Whatever the case may be, Splatoon fans should mark their calendars and stay tuned on June 9 to see what all the hullabaloo will be about.

Nintendo announced the Octo Expansion for Splatoon 2 during its last Nintendo Direct in March. The free expansion will let players control an Octoling as they try and escape a creepy laboratory over multiple levels. Completing the Octo Expansion will unlock the option to play as Octolings when competing online.

Nintendo's E3 2018 presentation will take place Tuesday, June 12 at 12 p.m. EDT. The video presentation will be focused on upcoming Nintendo Switch titles with the recently announced Super Smash Bros. game getting the spotlight.

So what do you think this major Splatoon news will be about? Let us know in the comments section below.