Can You Find Spotify Wrapped From Previous Years? How to See Your Older Playlists

The 2021 Spotify Wrapped is just around the corner and, as always, it will give you a comprehensive breakdown of your listening habits from the past year.

The annual roundup feature has become a highlight in the calendar of many music fans, as it gives you objective insights into your own musical taste. Among other things, you'll discover which bands you streamed the most, the genres that became your favorites, and if there were any megahits that you missed out on.

Depending on your results, it can be a cathartic or deeply mortifying experience. After all, you might just learn that your musical taste is not quite as sophisticated as you originally believed.

Incidentally, if you were thinking about trying to cheat the system by listening to a bunch of cooler tracks at the last minute, it's already far too late for that, as Spotify Wrapped doesn't take into account your activity from either November or December.

In addition to your own personal recap, you will also get to see the broader trends of the entire year. That's because Spotify Wrapped also publishes data on which songs and artists were most popular on a global scale.

Can You See Spotify Wrapped From Previous Years?

If you are interested in seeing how your musical taste has evolved (or possibly even regressed) over the years, then you might be curious to know if you can revisit older Spotify Wrapped roundups.

The good news is that you can absolutely do this, as the records have been maintained ever since the first Wrapped campaign was released in 2016. On the other hand, this does mean that if you are crushingly embarrassed by any of the tracks in those previous summaries, then they will still be around to haunt you.

To view your older Spotify Wrapped playlists, you just need to click on the corresponding links below. For this to work, you will obviously need to be logged into your Spotify account, otherwise you will just see the global trends from the year in question, without there being any personal insights.

Spotify Wrapped always debuts in the first week of December, so the 2021 iteration will arrive any day now. Judging by when it landed in previous years, it will likely be on either Wednesday, December 1 or Thursday, December 2.

Anyone who is expecting recent releases, like Taylor Swift's Red album (which was so popular that it actually caused Spotify to crash), to show up in their roundup will find that these are conspicuously absent, as they will have missed the cut-off period of October 31.

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